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Ukraine Receives 10 Million USD In Crypto So Far

The crypto community has rallied and donated a ton of money to Ukraine after the country posted their Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet addresses on Twitter on Saturday. 

In just a little over 24 hours, the crypto community has officially raised over 10 million USD for the Ukraine government. The 10 million sum is based on DappRadar — which tracks Ethereum tokens, including NFTs — as well as blockchain explorer for the Bitcoin address Ukraine listed on Twitter.

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  • DappRader includes all ERC tokens sent to the Ethereum address. The wallet shows 5 million ETH, 1 million USDT, and small amounts of Chainlink and Shiba Inu among a slew of other coins.
  • Blockchain explorer shows 4 million USD worth of Bitcoin has been sent so far to the address.
  • The 10 million dollar number doesn’t include other initiatives with crypto like Binance pledging 10 million, FTX giving money to all Ukrainians using the exchange, or the donations given Come Back Alive (after they were removed from Patreon).
  • The total is more impressive when considering that ETH founder Vitalik Buterin had initially expressed skepticism over the address. Though, his skepticism was the result of fears over a Russian cyber attack.
  • Ukraine is doing everything they can via Twitter to get help. They successfully harangued Elon Musk into setting up Starlink satellites in their country. The satellites will protect them against Russia cutting their internet off.
  • Now Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Federov has now set his sites on Mark Zuckerberg.



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