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British luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren Jumps in NFTs & Metaverse

British luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren Jumps in NFTs & Metaverse 4

MSO LAB announced to provide a next-level experience to the customers in a virtual world with the help of the Metaverse project.

Metaverse is a high-level virtual reality-based concept, which started to grab traction in the world after the rebranding of Facebook name from Facebook to Meta. In the present time, no real Metaverse projects are available but at a small scale, many projects are available where a person can visit in the virtual form of his city, more likely to the games like Vice City or GTA. According to big players, in the race of Metaverse project development, 2023 will be the initial phase where the world will be able to see the prototype of Metaverse-based projects.

On 28 April, McLaren Special Operations (MSO) LAB announced its new initiative of digital community that symbolizes the next chapter in the firm’s metaverse plan. 

MSO is a Studio, where a team, which includes designers and engineers, works together. Now at the latest, it will extend its hand into high-level digital activities like Web3. 

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The design team of McLaren has collaborated with MSO LAB to create unique and limited editions of McLaren non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with the first limited-edition drop of the NFTs, slated to launch shortly.

The Chief Marketing Officer of McLaren Automotive, Gareth Dunsmore, noted that customers will be able to interact with them in the virtual world via the Web3 portal. 

Gareth further added: 

“McLaren Special Operations is McLaren Automotive’s in-house bespoke division so MSO LAB should be our home where we collaborate in the metaverse and push the limits of possibility and design unencumbered by physical constraints.”

The main advantages for the early people to join the MSO LAB community will give access to see the virtual tour of behind the scene McLaren Technology Centre, and the option to attend McLaren Automotive events. 

All the unique McLaren NFTs will be available on the McLaren marketplace. The marketplace of McLaren will be powered by InfiniteWorld, which is Metaverse partner of McLaren.

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British luxury supercar manufacturer McLaren Jumps in NFTs & Metaverse





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