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British YouTuber made $12M from Safemoon pump dump scheme

British YouTuber made $12M from Safemoon pump dump scheme 8

Ben Phillips has been exposed by a YouTuber regarding his pump Dump scam associated with Safemoon coin. 

Safemoon is a popular meme token, which grabbed huge traction in the crypto industry because of the cameo of multiple numbers of social media stars. Many social media and also few non-social media stars appreciated the safe moon as an emerging best meme coin, obviously as a part of an advertisement under a partnership with the Safemoon coin project team.

This week, Stephen Findeisen, a Youtuber Known to expose the shady crypto dealings of celebrities through his YouTube channel Coffeezilla, published a video on British YouTuber Ben Phillips. Through the video, Coffeezilla explained how Ben Phillips made huge Money with a pump and dump scheme with Safemoon coin. 

Coffeezilla found an address, which was posted by Ben on 12 April 2021 to get donations for his YouTube work. Coffeezilla  traced an address and found that Ben purchased SafeMoon on popular BSC-based Defi Protocol PancakeSwap for $4 million between March and December 2021 and then sold for $16 million in the same time frame. So in this way, Ben Phillips made a $12 million net profit.

Coffeezilla explained that Ben suggested people hold the safemoon tightly and also said that he is himself holding his safe moon assets tightly but in fact, he sold $721,000 worth of tokens. 

Coffeeville also shared a document, which proved that Ben secured trillions of Safemoon tokens to promote the coin on his YouTube channel. But about this, Ben never revealed and never disclosed that he was paid to promote this scam coin. 

In the past, the Safemoon coin project team built a network with many YouTubers for Safemoon coin promotion. They mainly recruited high-level YouTubers like Jake Paul, rapper Soulja Boy, and Barstool Sport’s Dave Portnoy.

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British YouTuber made $12M from Safemoon pump dump scheme


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