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Cardano (ADA) holders in $100 & $100k reach ATH

Cardano (ADA) holders in $100 & $100k reach ATH 3

With new all-time high ADA holders, Cardano is facing toward a big pump in near future. 

Cardano is a 7th ranked crypto blockchain project, in terms of 24 hours trade volume globally. This project is known as an alternative to the Ethereum blockchain, however, Cardano is standing in the initial phase of growth but still, it is much better than other blockchain networks in terms of security and stability. Last year, Cardano topped the industry as the highest developer activities-based platform on the GitHub repository. 

On 4 April, Crypto analytic firm Santiment noted that Cardano is continuously showing rapid adoption among the small and big holders which can be seen through its recent Ada holding growth. 

Santiment noted that ADA holders in the $100 to $100,000 range are now at an all-time high for the Cardano Blockchain history, which is 16.8% of the total supply. 

A shared chart by Santiment is showing that low tier ADA holders, which means, ADA holders below $100 are holding a total of 0.128% of the ADA supply in the wallet, which is enough in terms of the growth of holders. 

On the other hand, ADA holders, which are holding above $100,000 worth of ADA coins are holding 83.1% supply of ADA coins, as of 3 April. 

Price action

The current trade price of the ADA coin is $1.226 and this price is 4.45% high over the last 24 hours’ trade price, which is itself a big thing for its ecosystem because today almost all the crypto assets are down by 1-3% or neutral but it is only ADA, which is showing highly bullish nature over other crypto assets in top 10 coins. 

Cardano (ADA) holders in $100 & $100k reach ATH 2

This sudden hike in the activities among the crypto traders for Cardano is very usual because in the next three months Cardano network will go through Vasil Hardfork and that will result in a huge inflow of DApps, which will further increase TVL and more inflow of investors.

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Cardano (ADA) holders in $100 & $100k reach ATH


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