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OKX BOTS admits crypto going to be the future of payments admits crypto going to be the future of payments 2

Giant global payment network service provider company acknowledged the crypto-related interest among its customers increasing rapidly and also found that there is huge potential with this technology. 

Crypto adoption surging rapidly despite huge legal hurdles and strict rules. But the overall adoption rate is clearly showing that the crypto industry is not only giving opportunities to people to invest money and get returns but it is giving an option for the technologies to upgrade in the advanced form., the global payments solution provider, conducted its survey and interview session among its 30,000 customers and 3,000 merchants in 11 countries US, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia. This analysis-based interview was held from February 2 and March 1, 2022.

From the findings through its analysis report on crypto interest Jess Houlgrave, Head of the strategy for crypto at, confirmed that the majority of the people are looking at cryptocurrency-based payment systems as a better option to transition from one phase to another in the payment based financial system 

“We believe this is the largest consumer survey of its kind, and the findings present a clear evolution of attitudes towards cryptocurrencies around the world. This is a legitimate transition from the early adoption phase to one that’s more practical, pragmatic, and positive overall.”

Findings of the report noted that around 40% of people, in the age group of 18 to 35 years, were interested to use cryptocurrencies in the payment options from next year to pay for the services they are getting.

Earlier this year, report by noted that only 30% of people were interested in cryptocurrencies used in payment options. So a net 10% increment in the numbers of crypto interested users has been seen.

An interesting thing that was revealed from the report of this payment solution company is that 23% of the Businesses said that they are willing to accept payments in cryptocurrencies. 

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