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Dubai-based cafe starting to accept Shiba inu including other crypto payments

Dubai-based cafe starting to accept Shiba inu including other crypto payments 2

“Bake N More” jumped into the crypto industry to step up with the increasing trend of crypto adoption.

Crypto adoption is rapidly increasing among retail investors and also in big and small businesses because crypto is not limited to trade, unlike stock market-based assets, instead is continuously expanding networks in the payment sectors to make the payment system more advanced and overcome the issues and restrictions associated with traditional financial & payment technologies.

Bake N More is a cafe, which is situated in Dubai, announced earlier today to get into the crypto industry to help its users to buy its services with cryptocurrencies payments. Under its crypto payment acceptances, the company will support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin only.

With this, “Bake N more” became the first cafe to allow payments in Crypto assets under the support of the decentralized blockchain Mixin Network.

Interestingly, the cafe is supporting two meme coins, Doge and SHIB, which was unexpected. For once we can expect for any company to accept meme coins but here this is Dubai based company, where crypto-related offerings are not open for retail users easily, so here the decision to go with Shiba Inu-like tokens is a strange thing.

Shiba Inu token grabbed huge traction in the crypto industry last year because of the shoutout of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Right now Metaverse platform of the shiba inu project, Shiberse, is under huge talks. 

Billy Markus, core Dogecoin developer, noted that the Metaverse platform of the Shiba Inu token is unprofitable for the Shiba Inu token holders because here Shiba Inu token does not have much better use case and here the team will only make Money through virtual lands sales. 

Shiba Inu working on a new blockchain Network 

Right now the project team is working to develop a separate blockchain Network, Shibarium. 

The main aim to make the Shibarium blockchain is to create a separate crypto project, in reality, because the Shiba Inu token will not be the native token on the new blockchain Network. 

Overall working system from the project of the Shiba Inu team is better but in reality, they are not connecting Shiba Inu to the new use case with the new projects.

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Dubai-based cafe starting to accept Shiba inu including other crypto payments


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