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Elon Musk may use Saylor’s Bitcoin reserve concept with Dogecoin on Twitter

Elon Musk may use Saylor's Bitcoin reserve concept with Dogecoin on Twitter 14

Tesla’s CEO hinted that he may introduce Dogecoin use on the Twitter platform to reduce spam.

Elon Musk is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. In 2020, Elon started to support Dogecoin as a better coin for the future, and also with his support pushed Dogecoin to grab huge popularity and gains in prices in the crypto industry. Last week, Elon confirmed that he acquired 9.2% stakes in giant social media platform Twitter. 

On 10 April, Elon tweeted that every Twitter user who sign-up for blue tick should get an authentication checkmark with a $3 per month payment. 

In response a Twitter user claimed that $3 is a very high worth for few countries, so make it affordable. Then in response, Elon said that it will be affordable in local currency and also hinted with an indirect question whether the community wants to pay in Dogecoin.

Billy Markus, the past doge developer, said yes.

Interestingly, in the last week, Michael Saylor, CEO of business intelligence firm Microstrategy, shared his point of view to reserve some money in the form of Bitcoin for each account to give a separate verification badge. However, Elon didn’t respond directly to the proposed suggestion of Michael to lower spam & inappropriate posts with bitcoin but here Elon is trying to introduce the same concept with Dogecoin. 

However, Elon didn’t confirm if he will introduce Dogecoin-based payment options or not but still he confirmed that there is room for Dogecoin, in better situations. 

Right now Elon is holding less than 10% stakes in Twitter and also reportedly he refused to become a board member of Twitter. So maybe in the future, Elon may acquire more power in Twitter to make decisions to go with Dogecoin. 

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Elon Musk may use Saylor’s Bitcoin reserve concept with Dogecoin on Twitter


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