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Korean hackers targeting Crypto companies says US govt

Korean hackers targeting Crypto companies says US govt 8

US government agencies warned crypto companies about the possible attacks by North Korean hackers. 

Crypto platforms and hack incidents is a very common for most of the Decentralized finance (Defi) based crypto Exchanges because these are in the initial phase of development and are associated with vulnerabilities. However the majority of the Central crypto companies are now much more secure but still, hackers are wise to attack.

On 18 April, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the US Treasury Department issued a warning for the crypto exchanges about the possible threats that may arise because of the  cyber attack by North Korean hackers. 

The issued public warning was taken from the reference of the alert of CISA, a department of a federal agency under the US Department of Homeland Security that keeps researching such Cyber Attack related activities. 

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The US government noted that few hacking groups are active to exploit crypto platforms and there are huge possibilities that they are backed by the North Korean regime. 

The announcement also noted that cyberattacks may take place on crypto exchanges, decentralized finance protocols, play-to-earn games, venture capital firms, and trading firms. So every type of crypto platform needed to remain aware of such types of possible future risks. 

The issued warning also noted that these cyber attackers are using multiple ways to trick the crypto platforms to steal funds. They can use phishing campaigns and social engineering, to deploy malicious applications, containing Trojan malware. 

Around a week ago, reports noted that a few scammy crypto-related fake applications were active on the Google app store, however recently Google removed such applications which were illegally accessing mobile data and details of users but still, many third-party app platforms are continuously supporting such Apps download.

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Korean hackers targeting Crypto companies says US govt


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