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MasterCard jumps in Metaverse and NFTs

MasterCard jumps in Metaverse and NFTs 8

Giant payment network company MasterCard filed for the NFTs and Metaverse-based trademarks. 

In the present time, NFTs based projects are still getting huge traction because there is still huge potential in the NFTs concept. No doubt that the NFTs concept became old but we should not forget that the current use cases of blockchain NFTs are limited to the virtual world but now it’s moving toward real-life use cases, where people will be able to verify their ownership of real-life assets like houses, rooms and properties. 

On 8 April, Michael Kondoudis, NFTs and metaverse trademark attorney, notified his followers about the MasterCard’ Metaverse and NFTs trademarks filings application 

Through the tweet, Michael confirmed that the company filed for 15 trademarks, regarding MasterCard, priceless, and Its circle logo. And hinted that the company may be planning to work on payment system-based services in Metaverse, e-commerce transactions in Metaverse, and payment services in Metaverse (obviously to other parties).

Here all these are guesses from NFTs and Metaverse attorney, But maybe MasterCard will have something different plan related to the same patent ideas. 

Metaverse trend & Crypto

At present Metaverse is under high trend in crypto and tech companies. On the one side tech companies want to show their appearance in the latest technology, on the other hand Crypto industry is trying to give a better ecosystem to the Metaverse based projects with the token services and accuracy of the data with the engagement of Metaverse players.

In Q4 2021, Facebook rebranded its name from Facebook to Meta and also filed for the metaverse-related trademark filing. After that decision of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Metaverse related crypto Projects like Gala, Decentraland, and The Sandbox grabbed huge traction. 

Here we should not forget that fast food network company McDonald’s also filed some Trademarks in Metaverse and NFTs related projects. 

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MasterCard jumps in Metaverse and NFTs


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