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meatmeCA accepts crypto payments including Dogecoin

meatmeCA accepts crypto payments including Dogecoin 7

A Vancouver-based meat company jumped into crypto to support the crypto sector and attract users to its services.

Crypto adoption is surging rapidly among retail investors to this date. In the past, the inflow of businesses in the crypto industry was not fast but now more and more companies are getting into crypto, thanks to the crypto payments companies, which are giving almost every type of crypto & fiat integrated payment services. 

On 31 March, Meatme.Ca announced its step into crypto payment adoption in technical support with the crypto payments company Bitpay.

Under this new payment support feature, the company will accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and many stable coins pegged by the US dollar. 

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Interestingly here meatmeCA will also accept Shiba in token-based payment, thanks to the support by BitPay to the Shiba Inu token since Q4 2021. 

At present, many non crypto Companies are accepting crypto payments which include Shiba in tokens as a part of getting huge traction in the world. 

SlingTV, American Cancer Society, Newegg, Menufy, Carolina Hurricanes, and Twitch are currently much Popular global companies which are accepting Shiba Inu with the help of Bitpay.

Shiba Inu token 

However, the origin of the Shiba Inu token was nothing but the present time team behind the Shiba Inu project is working to bring new Innovative works to make it a much better project. For example separate blockchain network Sibarium and Metaverse project Shiberse etc. 

The current price of the Shiba Inu token is $0.00002566 and this price is 4.46% low over the last 24 hours. 

meatmeCA accepts crypto payments including Dogecoin 6

On one side the project is team is working to make Shiba Inu a perfect crypto project, on the other hand, supporters & Community are continuously working to burn Shiba in supply. More than 41% of the total supply has been burned so far to this date.

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meatmeCA accepts crypto payments including Dogecoin


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