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MetaMask, Ethereum Apps back in life: Infura fixed

MetaMask, Ethereum Apps back in life: Infura fixed 6

APIs Infrastructure provider Infura identified issues with many of its issued APIs and that resulted in downtime for popular Ethereum wallets and Dapps.

Due to the availability and need of multiple blockchain networks, crypto developers and users needed better interconnection among different blockchain Network-based systems but remained not easy for decentralized protocol. Infura is one of the APIs providers, which connects Ethereum smart contract-backed blockchain networks and Dapps through APIs. 

On 22 April, Infura noted that a few issued APIs were facing some technical problems and that resulted into outage for many Decentralized crypto services like Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum, as well as Filecoin and NFT protocol Palm. 

Through the official Twitter page, Infura informed about this issue and confirmed that the developer & Engineer team was aware of it and working to fix it. 

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Yesterday, In the evening, Infura confirmed that the problem has been fixed and services are fully operational without any issue. 

In a response tweet, a Twitter user raised concern on the popular Ethereum wallet “MetaMask” and claimed that while it is open source but in actuality, it may result in a scam because MetaMask allows Apple’ iCloud service to store all information, including phrase backup. 

On 17 April, Metamask officially suggested iCloud users disable automatic backup to keep the data of Metamask wallet away from local storage apps. 

Metamask team noted that both iCloud and Metamask are safe at their level but local storage of data after backup may lead to some big scam if any hacker will target a specific user.

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MetaMask, Ethereum Apps back in life: Infura fixed


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