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On The Run (OTR) working with CryptoCom to accept crypto payments

On The Run (OTR) working with CryptoCom to accept crypto payments 11

The convenience store and gas station giant is planning to add a crypto payment feature to its services across Australia.

After the boom in the crypto industry after 2020 because of the Covid pandemic and some other reasons, the Crypto & blockchain Industry saw huge adoption among the businesses in the payment options and also in the tech-related options, where the accuracy of the data was needed at a better level. At present every day, we can hear about new companies, which are getting into crypto-related services. 

On The Run (OTR) is a Convenience store and gas station, which is active mainly in Australia and Victoria. The company announced to accept crypto-based payment for its services like gas, snacks, and even a Subway foot long. 

Peregrine Corporation is the backend company behind OTR and this company mainly holds many private companies in South Australia. These companies will also accept crypto payments for their Subway, Oporto, and Smokemart stores. 

For the same, Company is in talks with CryptoCom exchange to add merchants’ crypto payment options to its full network. Reportedly the deal will get done in July of this year and if it happens then the company will accept payments in more than 30 cryptocurrencies. 

The Executive chairman at Peregrines, Yasser Shahin, commented on these efforts of the company and said that it is just an opportunity to grow with the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

“The growth and mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrency adoption in Australia and the rest of the world has been phenomenal, and has offered us a clear opportunity to tap into the momentum of this fast-growing space for the benefit of our customers.”

In February of this year, CryptoCom revealed through a survey report that 4% of merchants are already accepting payments in cryptocurrencies globally, while 60% of merchants were interested in accepting cryptocurrency-based payment options. 

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On The Run (OTR) working with CryptoCom to accept crypto payments


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