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Opera continuously expanding Web3 reach in the Crypto industry: iOS support

Opera continuously expanding Web3 reach in the Crypto industry: iOS support 6

Opera opened its portal for iOS users to access its crypto and blockchain ecosystem support.

Opera is a Norwegian-based multinational technology company that has expertise in web browser development and fintech works. For the last few years, Opera has been continuously stepping toward the crypto and blockchain industry to provide a Web3-like user experience. 

Just a couple of days ago, Through a press release, Opera announced that its crypto-based Opera browser is now accessible for iOS users, which means Apple users will be able to embrace the crypto-based services officially with direct web support of Opera application.

Before this, the Crypto browser of Opera was available for almost every platform except the iOS platform. But now iOS support may surely bring better user traction because Opera is that portal, which can bring huge numbers of crypto blockchain Networks like Solana, Bitcoin, Polygon, and StarkEx together in one place with full security.

Jorgen Arnesen, Opera’s executive vice president of mobile, also commented on this new development & support work of Opera and said that Opera will make Web3 easily accessible with better adoption.

“Opera believes Web3 has to be easy to use to reach its full potential and a mass adoption.”

Opera becoming the crypto solution

No doubt that every company works for its benefits but here the entry of Opera into the crypto industry with the support of multiple numbers of crypto networks, including custodial & non-custodial crypto wallets and Dapps support is a unique idea.

In the present time, huge numbers of crypto networks and crypto services are available but these are not easy to handle on a single mobile or computer, so here in the browser form of Opera can provide highly secured services, because it is specially made for crypto users.

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Opera continuously expanding Web3 reach in the Crypto industry: iOS support


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