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Survey reveals many people unaware of Defi, Web3, CBDC

Survey reveals many people unaware of Defi, Web3, CBDC 6

A report noted that the majority of people still don’t know what are Defi, Web3, and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs).

Crypto and Blockchain industry adoption is surging because of new concepts and innovative works, which can be used in real life. Every year at least one new concept takes birth in the crypto industry, so it becomes very hard for newcomers to understand such technologies and also for those people who are not in crypto.

Morning Consult, a polling agency, conducted a survey and found that 33.33% of American citizens have heard about Decentralized finance ( Defi).  These ⅓ people were ordinary people. However, the same survey noted that 77% of crypto holders know about Defi perfectly.

If we consider the report of Statista 2021, then around 87% or 290.9 million Americans don’t own any crypto assets. So understanding about Defi is in existence among 90 million Americans.

Morning Consult also found that 30% of non-crypto holders don’t know about Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs), which is a very shocking thing because almost every country’s central bank is working on this matter. 

On the other hand, survey noted that around 21% of the non-crypto public don’t know about Web3 based projects or concept ideas, which is also one of the biggest shocking things because this concept was introduced many years ago and grabbed traction at a better level in 2018. 

This survey was conducted between 16 February to 23 February, in which 4,404 citizens of the US were included and the majority of them were of adult ages.

The most interesting thing about the survey was figuring out that around 91% of Americans are aware of “Cryptocurrency” terms, which is hinting that almost the whole population of America is aware of the crypto and blockchain industry. 

Morning Consult’s survey noted that around 40% of respondents admitted that there is a lack of innovations in the traditional technologies 

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Survey reveals many people unaware of Defi, Web3, CBDC


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