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Vitalik says majority of the players came on Ethereum to make Money

Vitalik says majority of the players came on Ethereum to make Money 5

The Ethereum Co-founder shared his tension about the future of the Ethereum blockchain because of the greedy nature of the majority of the players in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency blockchain Network in the crypto Industry and also this project is standing as the first ranked smart contract blockchain Network in this industry. In reality, the Ethereum blockchain is getting the first-mover advantage but besides these things, we can’t ignore the developer support for Ethereum in this crypto industry, which is high over any crypto project. 

In a discussion speech at the ETH-Dubai event, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain, said that the majority of the players on the Ethereum blockchain are active only to make profit and they are not thinking about the future of Ethereum.

“If we don’t exercise our voice, the only things that get built are the things that are immediately profitable.”

However many crypto industry players supported the statement of the Ethereum Co-founder but few players were not agree. 

Sergej Kunz, the co-founder of 1inch Network, said that Vitalik is not true because not all projects are thinking for profit but some scam projects came to make money from innocent retail traders. 

Further, Kunz added: 

“We see angels and investors. They helped us. They gave us money to fully concentrate, to work on this startup. (…) We work to improve the space, to create something unique and improve the whole financial system.”

A developer at GTON Capital, Aleksei Pupyshev, also agreed with the statement of Vitalik and also other responses to Vitalik’s statement. Aleksei said that there should be a balance between nonprofit projects and profit-based projects and also suggested introducing some incentives for such projects, which are helping the Ethereum ecosystem in terms of health and related issues. 

“We need more motivation for people who are exploring, and they are exploring by investing.”

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Vitalik says majority of the players came on Ethereum to make Money


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