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What is Fractal NFT? Don’t be late on New Crypto Trends!

NFT gaming is a particularly hot trend in the large NFT space. It basically allows non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be combined with a play-to-earn principle. A strongly emerging platform is Fractal NFT.

Fractal is an NFT gaming marketplace that offers numerous gaming NFTs. The platform focuses on transparency and security. Fractal wants to offer gamers a new in-game experience using blockchain and Web 3.0. 

What is NFT gaming?

Non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) are unique, non-modifiable digital objects. They are based on the blockchain (e.g. Ethereum or Solana). Its unique digital signature can greatly increase the value of the NFTs. The popularity of NFTs has now spread from the art market to the gaming space. 

The gaming industry has recognized the potential of NFTs and is now implementing them in its own gaming worlds. A popular principle is play-to-earn (P2E). The players can acquire NFTs in the gaming world through battles, challenges, or other tasks. They can then resell these NFT items to other players through various digital markets. 

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NFT Risks in Gaming?

The concept only seems to have advantages for the players. However, the value of an NFT can also fluctuate greatly. The NFT market is relatively young and certain events can cause NFTs to fall in value quickly. Furthermore, a particular game may lose its popularity, causing in-game assets to depreciate even faster. 

What is Fractal NFT?

Fractal NFT is a marketplace for emerging NFT games and their gaming NFTs. The platform was developed by Twitch co-founder Justin Khan, among others. The platform offers a secure marketplace for new NFT games looking for reliable promotion on the platform. 

Khan believes that blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies can launch a new generation of games. These games offer players the opportunity to earn as they play while providing an upscale, personalized gaming experience. 

Fractal NFT wants to help the games to be more independent from platforms that take significant parts of the sales of the advertised NFT games. Developing and distributing an NFT game has so far had a huge cost and Fractal wants to make the market more accessible and affordable.

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How does Fractal NFT work?

Fractal NFT partners with Gaming Studios to offer gaming NFTs as they appear on the platform. These gaming NFTs contain in-game weapons, characters, houses, and many other assets. Fractal NFT aims to become a primary and secondary marketplace for such NFTs. 

Fractal is positioning itself as the first primary exchange for gaming NFTs. It focuses on the NFTs that are part of the gaming world. The gaming developers make the gaming NFTs available before the entire game is launched. This has proven to be an extremely interesting and successful strategy for triggering hype about the respective game early on. Early adopters are particularly rewarded and thus become the new tribe of the game. 

Furthermore, Fractal NFT offers a verification process. This sorts out potential fakes and unfair practices in advance. This brings security and trust to the buyer. The security of the platform is transferred to the NFTs and games offered. 

What makes Fractal so unique?

By partnering with the major developers at NFT Games, the platform gets NFTs straight from the source, giving Fractal a huge leap of faith. Furthermore, the costs that also arise for small gaming providers can be kept low. 

At the moment, NFT Gaming is still a niche but has enormous potential for growth. Developers now have the opportunity to offer their products cheaply on a specialized platform. Fractal users get valuable gaming NFTs early on and at great prices, the value of which is very likely to increase in the future. 

Fractal and OpenSea – What’s the difference?

OpenSea is the world’s largest NFT exchange. Here you will find the best-known and most popular NFT positions. Learn more about OpenSea in this article! 

Gaming NFTs can also be purchased on OpenSea. However, the platform is not as specialized as Fractal NFT. OpenSea is a much larger platform with an enormous selection. However, Fractal offers pure gaming NFTs and a more specialized selection, and lower prices on average.

In the future, Fractal could also transfer to other NFT areas if there is strong growth. However, this development is not yet certain and it is possible that Fractal will remain in the gaming NFT niche. 


How to Use Fractal NFT platform

In the following, we would like to introduce some functions of the Fractal NFT platform.

How to connect a wallet to Fractal NFT?

Go to the Fractal NFT home page. Then click on “Buy Now” in the top right.

Next you can connect your wallet to Fractal. To do this, go to “ Connect Wallet ” at the top right. You can choose from the following wallets:

How do I explore the NFT Games?

If you want to check out the games on Fractal, go to Games at the top of the main menu. You can then view the game and its NFTs by clicking Explore Game . Below you can see a selection of gaming NFTs.

How do I buy gaming NFTs?

If you want to purchase an NFT from the game, click on the box that shows the NFT. You will then see an overview of the NFT including the price in the form of the SOL token and the properties of the NFT.

If you want to buy your NFT, then click “ Buy Now ”! Once you have connected your wallet, you should be able to purchase the NFT directly. 

A function for bidding is already included in the interface of Fractal NFT, however, the function is not yet available at the time the article was published (04/02/2021). 

Now is a good opportunity to purchase the SOL token for fractal NFTs. Buy the SOL and other coins easily on the Binance  and  Bitfinex exchanges !

What’s up for more features on Fractal?

In the main menu in the header you will see the following:

  • Mints : Collections of NFTs that are currently being mined
  • Socials : Ways to follow Fractal on social media
  • Submit your Game : Developers can offer their games for listing here

You can also purchase the SOL on the crypto exchanges  Coinbase  and  Kraken  .

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What is Fractal NFT? Don’t be late on New Crypto Trends!  

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