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Crypto scams surging on tinder: Report

coinroom exchange scam

The majority of the online crypto fraudsters are moving to online dating apps and geo social platforms.

The online world and scams are connected because of the bad actors, who remain active to make money through direct scams and fraud activities. These days, crypto scammers are rapidly shifting to dating sites and apps to trick the person emotionally.

A report noted that the giant social dating platform Tinder is becoming a haven for the crypto scammers and fraudsters because they are getting those people, which can fall under any scam with small efforts of emotional touch. 

Research regarding such types of fraud activities noted that the majority of the fraudsters convince the opposite person to download wallets or any crypto app but usually they send phishing or hacking links to drain funds from the victim’s digital wallet. 

The study also noted that the majority of the scammers asked for crypto tokens in the third party wallets in return for love and seduction but after getting crypto payment, they left and continues to search for another person. 

Tinder verification scam 

Some scammers asked for the Tinder profile verification to continue the online relationship. For the same, they send a suspicious link, which directs to a third party platform where users needed to fill huge numbers of details like name, credit card number, birthdate, etc.

This information usually remains enough for the scammers to access funds illegally from the victim’ Credit card through Carding. 

Catfish trick scam 

Few crypto fraudster men usually create profiles with the name of women, to catch wealthy males to steal huge money through an emotional touch or in return to continue a relationship.

In some cases, it was found that fake tinder profile users ask for nude photos and pictures and after that starts to blackmail the victim to get money in Cryptocurrencies.

Recently the Cyber Forensic Agency reported that a person from the US lost around $277,000 worth of Crypto assets because of a Tinder fraudster. 

This guy was thinking that the opposite person was in real love with him but in actuality, the scammer was waiting to get crypto payment only. 

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Crypto scams surging on tinder: Report





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