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Terra Founder’s Spouse seeks to get police protection: Report

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Do Kwon’s spouse reportedly is not feeling well under this situation of Terra ecosystem collapse because an unknown person visited her home.

Terraform Labs is a Seoul-based company, which was founded in 2018 by Do Kwon. Terraform Labs is popularly known for its development of the Terra blockchain network. In the last 5-6 days, Terra’ Natives coins UST & Luna faced significant correction & touched the ground, in which Luna & UST coin investors lost all the funds.

According to reports, due to a huge downfall in the price of native tokens of Terra network, an anonymous investor disclosed the home address of Terra founder Do Kwon. The report also noted that an unknown person visited the Terra founder’s apartment and at that time Kwon was not at his home but his spouse was. 

Reportedly, that unknown & unidentified person asked Kwon’s Spouse about Kwon.

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The unknown person asked:

“Is your husband in the apartment?”

Under this situation, Kwon’s spouse is currently under tension, so she asked for security and protection from the Seongdong police. And also she urged the police to investigate this matter.

Suicide cases of Luna investors

According few reports, some investors did suicide because of the downfall in the value of Luna, below the ICO launch price. 

Terra Founder's Spouse seeks to get police protection: Report 1

These things are enough to show the trust of crypto investors in Luna, as a leading crypto asset of this crypto Industry.

To overcome this situation, the Terra project team is working to bring a fork of Luna coin. 

The majority of the investors, who lost funds in Luna coin, are now waiting to see a better step from the project team so that they can get their lost funds to some degree. 

Recently Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, shared his point of view on this situation and noted that the Terra project’s decision to introduce Fork will not be worth and also urged the team to give details of all funds transactions so that the Crypto Community can get exact funds reserved behind UST coin.

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Terra Founder’s Spouse seeks to get police protection: Report






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