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Circle (USDC) warns people against phishing campaigns

Circle (USDC) warns people against phishing campaigns 11

Circle warned people to remain away from any new types of USDC tokens because it is all about the bad actors’ Ponzi activities to scam innocent people.

USDC is the second-ranked biggest stablecoin, which is backed by the Circle company. The Circle is the issuer of USDC and this company promises to maintain the value of USDC always equal to $1 value. In terms of market cap, USDC is lagging behind USDT (Tether) by only $21 billion. After the collapse of TerraUSD, USDC grabbed better support & users in this sector. 

On 25 November, The Circle took to Twitter to inform the USDC stablecoin users that a few bad actors are continuously running a phishing campaign. 

The USDC issuer explained that scammers are trying to convince innocent people to transfer their USDC funds by pretending that they are from Centre, which is a real group of companies established by Coinbase & Circle. 

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“The scammers are pretending to be from @centre_io. There is not a new version of USDC in the marketplace,” Circle stated.

Circle suggested people remain away from any kind of such activities because there are no any kind of new versions of USDC & don’t fall under any kind of such scams. 

It is worth noting that few people criticised Circle for its mismanagement of the user’s funds and claimed that few people are running genuine campaigns against Circle, which is not a reality.

If we will take a dip look at the past few years, especially in 2022, then we will find that Circle is the most trusted Stablecoin company which always encouraged & forced the policymakers to enhance the regulatory pressure on the crypto companies & stablecoin companies, more likely to banks, so that crypto Investors always remain away from big risks. So here we can say that some people are trying to spoil the trust of USDC among the crypto investors.

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Circle (USDC) warns people against phishing campaigns



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