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SHIB will represent its Metaverse at Immerse Global Summit

SHIB will represent its Metaverse at Immerse Global Summit 13

The Metaverse project from the popular meme coin SHIB will showcase & educate people about its virtual reality platform in the upcoming Immerse Global Summit.

Shiberse is a Metaverse platform from the team of Shiba Inu token. Shiberse is a virtual reality-based concept based Metaverse platform, which aims to provide highly virtual communication between people like a real-world experience. The scope of the Metaverse use case is not limited to entertainment & communication, instead, big tech companies are using it at a commercial level.

On 21 November, The official Twitter account of Immerse Global Summit confirmed that SHIB’ Shiberse will be represented at the event between 5-7 December. 

However, the majority of the development work has been completed in the Shiberse but is still in the development phase. The past announcement by the SHIB project team confirmed that the platform is available to use but not for retail users. 

SHIB Price Action

SHIB token is fully a meme coin, which doesn’t have any use case. This token doesn’t have its blockchain network, instead, it is dependent on the Ethereum & BSC chain. However, the team is working to build a blockchain network with different coins, which will also support SHIB token transactions at a very low cost. 

The current price of the SHIB token is $0.00000902 and this price is 2.6% high than the last 24 hours’ trade price. 

SHIB will represent its Metaverse at Immerse Global Summit 12

The team behind this project is working on different coins & different concepts to make the SHIB token in trend with other successful projects. In particular, the team is working to develop a stablecoin “SHI”, which aims to overcome all the existing issues associated with existing stablecoins. Besides these things, the team is developing Shibarium blockchain & Metaverse-based games.

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SHIB will represent its Metaverse at Immerse Global Summit



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