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Binance CEO CZ indirectly criticises CNBC’ Jim Cramer

Binance CEO CZ indirectly criticises CNBC' Jim Cramer 7

Draftkings became the latest platform in the internet world, which faced a big hack incident & lost the sensitive data of 68k customers.

DraftKings is an American daily fantasy sports contest and sports betting company. The betting services from this platform are available in only US, Canada, and other select jurisdictions. 

Recently this sports betting platform’ data was exploited by a hacker(s). Through the hack attack, hacker(s) successfully secured the sensitive data of more than 68,000 users and also used that customer data to withdraw $300,000.

Earlier this month, CNBC host Jim Cramer slammed cryptocurrencies badly & also criticised popular Crypto exchange Binance by saying that he will prefer to put his money on Draftkings over Binance exchange.

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On 29 Dec, Changpeng Zhao, CEO & founder of Binance exchange, quoted the statement from Jim Cramer and reported the DraftKings hack news.

Binance exchange

Binance is a first-ranked crypto exchange in the crypto sector. In terms of 24 hours global crypto trade volume on its platform, the exchange is standing at first rank. The talented team behind this exchange always remains active to handle the security & better services to the Binance customers. 

In the past few years, it has been seen, Binance did much work to push Crypto & blockchain education in multiple countries through better sponsored events & scholarships programs.

After the downfall of the FTX crypto exchange, many people targeted Binance as a bad exchange. Just a few days ago, Binance’s CEO responded to the FUD news to save the reputation of the Binance exchange and noted many factors are responsible behind the Binance FUD.

In particular, he noted that some rival companies in the crypto market pay the media news websites to write fake news without any proper evidence about Binance. 

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Binance CEO CZ indirectly criticises CNBC’ Jim Cramer



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