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Bitstamp adds support for Dogecoin (Doge)

Bitstamp adds support for Dogecoin (Doge) 3

Bitstamp exchange announced listing support for Elon Musk-supported Dogecoin.

Bitstamp is a popular crypto exchange, which was launched in Aug 2011. The services of this exchange are available in the majority of the countries where crypto trading is allowed under the current regulatory environment. In terms of 24 hours global Crypto trade volume on its platform, the exchange is standing at 5th rank.

Bitstamp adds support for Dogecoin (Doge) 2

On 22 Dec, Bitstamp announced that its customers now can trade with Dogecoin (Doge) at zero trade fee for up to $1000 worth of Dogecoin trade value.

The response tweets from many people is showing that they are not happy with the Bitstamp exchange because the exchange did too late to list this coin.

Dogecoin was launched by Billy Markus, who is known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto in the crypto space. Another contributor to the Dogecoin project was Jackson Palmer. Both of these guys are not in this project, instead, Billy remains active on Twitter to talk about cryptocurrencies.
Elon Musk is one of the big fans of Dogecoin and he started to talk about Dogecoin in 2019.

This was one and only one person Mr. Musk who pushed the Bitcoin bull run & also pumped Dogecoin trade value by 300 times in mid of 2021.
Elon re-established the Dogecoin project team with new talents, to introduce new development works to make the Dogecoin network better & useful in terms of adoption.

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Bitstamp adds support for Dogecoin (Doge)



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