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FTX founder SBF spotted chilling at JFK airport

FTX founder SBF spotted chilling at JFK airport 2

A photo of SBF circulating in the Crypto Twitter community, which is showing that despite legal hurdles over his crime, he is enjoying his life.

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) is an infamous Crypto entrepreneur, who founded FTX Crypto exchange. SBF used the FTX customers’ fund for his personal benefit and that thing resulted in the collapse of the whole platform. Reportedly, FTX creditors are at a loss of up to $10 Billion because of the fraud that SBF did with his platform FTX. 

On 24 Dec, A Twitter user shared a photo of SBF. SBF’s location was the Greenwich (Business Class) lounge in American Airlines’ Terminal 8. 

People noted that SBF enjoying his life, despite being a very big fraudster. Three days ago, SBF secured bail on behalf of a $250 million bail bond. 

Now the majority of the people in the Crypto community are thinking that how SBF could access a laptop & for what purpose because he already confirmed that he had no access to his personal or professional data.

Few people raise questions that how he could have a buisiness class ticket, despite having only 100k dollars in total after FTX’s bankruptcy. 

A recent filing noted that the FTX team already paid $12 million to the S&C law firm just before filing bankruptcy on 11 Nov. Also, FTX paid $3.5 million to this law firm separately in the last 90 days of the time frame.

These financial activities are only those which are known publicly, besides this thing there is a huge that will come into the public domain in near future.

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FTX founder SBF spotted chilling at JFK airport



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