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Abra CEO prefers Litecoin over Bitcoin

Abra CEO prefers Litecoin over Bitcoin 19

Bill Barhydt noted that Bitcoin is the best investment asset but Litecoin is much better in terms of technological advancement.

Abra is a crypto borrowing, lending, and trading platform. Bill Barhydt is the chief executive officer of this Crypto platform. In short, Abra is a Crypto Bank for crypto Investors where investors can use their crypto assets as collateral to borrow funds on the platform.

On 3 Jan 2023, Bill took to Twitter to praise Litecoin and said that Litecoin is a decentralised P2P crypto network, which has been active for 10 years without any interruption.

“Litecoin is the only decentralised p2p payment system with 10 years of uninterrupted uptime. (#Bitcoin will get there in 2023.),” Abra CEO said.

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Further, he added that he uses Bitcoin as the best investment asset but for Crypto transactions, he uses Litecoin as the best P2P crypto network.

In 2022, Litecoin completed 39 million transactions, and also network added 52 million new addresses, which was an achievement by any of the top 3 crypto assets.

At the time of writing this article, the price of the LTC, a native token of the Litecoin network, is $76.75 and this price is 40% higher than the last 90 days’ trade price.

Abra CEO prefers Litecoin over Bitcoin 18

Few analysts noted that Litecoin is showing significant upsides in the first quarter of 2023 and it may give 100% profit to the investors.

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Abra CEO prefers Litecoin over Bitcoin



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