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Cumulus Data to open its first nuclear Bitcoin mining center in Pennsylvania

Cumulus Data to open its first nuclear Bitcoin mining center in Pennsylvania 9

Cumulus Data is about to start its first nuclear energy-powered Bitcoin mining center in America. 

Cumulus Data is a zero-carbon data center manufacturer Cumulus Data and this company is a subsidiary of an independent power producer Talen Energy. In short, this company is actively working to produce energy without environmental side effects. 

Recently World Nuclear News reported that Cumulus Data has completed the powered shell for its first data center powered by a 2.5-gigawatt nuclear power station. 

The established shell was setted-up on a 300,000-square-foot area and this center is connected to the Susquehanna nuclear power plant in northeast Pennsylvania. 

In this plant, Cumulus Data will run cloud computing services & Bitcoin mining operations. It will be the first kind of unique operation in the United States. 

Alex Hernandez, CEO of Cumulus Data and Talen Energy, said that his company aimed to solve the need for high electricity consumption with zero carbon footprints. 

The CEO said:

“We look forward to advancing our mission to solve the energy ‘trilemma’, which we define as the rapidly increasing consumer demand for zero-carbon, low-cost, and reliable electricity by data center customers.”

Bitcoin mining & Carbon footprints

To this date, the Bitcoin mining hash rate is very high and in this situation, big players want to make safe money via Bitcoin mining operations.

Over the years, many environmental activists opposed Bitcoin mining activities in the world. Many Bitcoin critics also slammed blockchain technology over high energy consumption. 

In the present time, more than 50%+ Bitcoin mining operations are running on sustainable energy sources, which are not causing any environmental harm. 

In mid-2021, Electric vehicle manufacturing company Tesla suspended Bitcoin from its payment system citing the high environmental impact of the Bitcoin network & also high transaction fees. 

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Cumulus Data to open its first nuclear Bitcoin mining center in Pennsylvania



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