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Four upcoming big releases in the Cardano ecosystem: Cardano 2023

Four upcoming big releases in the Cardano ecosystem: Cardano 2023 2

This year Cardano (ADA) Investors will see four big plans from the Cardano Devs, to enjoy a better gain in the price of the ADA coin. 

ADA coin is a native token of the Cardano Blockchain network. Cardano blockchain was founded by Charles Hoskinson, who is also an Ethereum co-founder. Initially, Hoskinson launched Cardano as a rival of the Ethereum blockchain but with a different concept. The project team behind Cardano never works to promote the project, instead focuses on real-level development works to ensure the safety & reliability of the Cardano network, unlike other projects who keep promoting their coin. 

This year, the Cardano ecosystem will secure two stablecoins USDA and Djed. The first one was developed by Cardano investment arm EMURGO. And this coin will be pegged by fiat values with full transparency. 

Djed is an algorithmic concept-based stablecoin, which was proposed & designed by Hoskinson in 2022. The development of this coin was done by IOHK partner Coti network. However, this stablecoin will be an algorithmic coin but still, Hoskinson aimed to over-collateralize this stablecoin so that the Cardano team can easily deal with any worse situation. 

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It is expected that USDA & Djed will help to boost the Defi (decentralised finance) sector of the Cardano Blockchain network because these stablecoins will help the Crypto Investors to easily deal with Crypto assets trading. 

The third big thing will be the Hydra protocol. The most important development work has already been introduced in the Cardano mainnet in Sep 2022 through Vasil Hardfork. It is expected that Cardano dev teamIOHK will introduce Hydra protocol in the Cardano Blockchain, this year. After the completion of the Hydra protocol introduction, the Cardano network will be able to transfer up to 1 million transactions per second. 

The fourth biggest thing will be Oracles on the Cardano blockchain. Oracles allow us to connect on-chain and off-chain data, and further, it helps Smart contracts to reach their true potential & use case. So, Oracles on Cardano will allow the many digital financial innovations to collab with Cardano blockchain ecosystem easily 

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Four upcoming big releases in the Cardano ecosystem: Cardano 2023



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