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Binance CEO suggesting best telegram crypto trade group: Scam alert

Binance CEO suggesting best telegram crypto trade group: Scam alert 4

Few bad actors are using Binance founder cz’ popularity for personal benefits & misleading people.

Changpeng Zhao (CZ) is the CEO & founder of the Binance Crypto exchange. As this exchange is a first-ranked crypto exchange, so CZ is also a popular crypto personality. Binance exchange always tries to remain transparent & supportive to the customers. 

Recently a video came to attention in the Crypto Twitter community, where a Telegram crypto trade group was promoting his channel with the help of an old video clip of CZ. Through the video, the Telegram group owner suggests people join the trade group to generate profit. The whole video clip is showing that it is CZ, suggesting people make money with crypto trade signals.

So far, Binance CEO hasn’t talked about such unfair use of his old video clips. However, no one report noted any type of scam claim but it is also a usual thing that telegram crypto groups can’t give perfect crypto assets buy/sell signals. 

A Crypto Twitter user alleged that there are some YouTubers behind these activities and they are running Crypto trade signal groups on telegram to make money despite the fact that they don’t know about the basics of crypto trading.

Binance vs Crypto Scam

Binance exchange always remains ready to fight against crypto-linked illegal activities. In the past, Binance helped many government agencies to catch & trace the culprit behind money laundering via crypto payments.

Recently Binance & Huobi crypto exchange succeeded to freeze $1.4 million worth of crypto assets, which were initially stolen by hackers from the Horizon Bridge protocol.

In short, Binance also helps to catch illegal crypto transactions & activities outside its ecosystem, so that crypto investors remain safe & bad actors remain away from unfair activities.

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Binance CEO suggesting best telegram crypto trade group: Scam alert



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