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Hoskinson says 85% initial Cardano roadmap has been completed in 7 years

Hoskinson says 85% initial Cardano roadmap has been completed in 7 years 8

Charles Hoskinson shared the journey of Cardano blockchain where it took 7 years to transform his Idea into a real blockchain ecosystem.

On 7 April 2023, Cardano blockchain founder Charles Hoskinson appeared in an interview with popular crypto news media Cointelegraph. In the interview, Hoskinson disclosed the challenges that he faced during the Cardano journey.

Hoskinson said that creating a new crypto network is not an easy task because it involves multiple tough levels e.g rebuilding the network effect and working with initial ideas & models. He confirmed that the Cardano team completed 85% of its initial roadmap despite these challenges. 

Cardano’s founder noted that Cardano showed significant dominance in the crypto NFTs as a big winner. 

“It took seven years for Cardano to grow from an idea to an ecosystem. We have already seen some huge wins like the NFT sector,” Hoskinson said.

Further on the multi-chain concept & development race, Hoskinson said that almost every flagship crypto project is focusing on adding multi-chain support but only that blockchain will emerge as unique, which will provide a better user experience and a softer onboarding process.

In the past couple of years, the Cardano engineering team Input Output Hong Kong Global (IOG) faced huge criticism over slow network upgrades. On these issues, Hoskinson said that it happened because the Cardano team was betting on the wrong technology & also being a bit ambitious with the roadmap.

By addressing the issues associated with corruption & geological tensions, Cardano’s founder said that there is a lesson that we should learn from them and further said that it is better to move ahead with collaboration between companies & individuals, instead of governments. 

 On the future Cardano journey, Hoskinson said that his team will focus on Cardano blockchain adoption from East Africa to West Africa, with Ghana as a prime focus

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Hoskinson says 85% initial Cardano roadmap has been completed in 7 years



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