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MetaMask dev claims MetaMask wallet was exploited

MetaMask dev claims MetaMask wallet was exploited 4

MetaMask dev reported a 5k ETH loss in a single MetaMask wallet and claimed the MetaMask wallet was compromised.

MetaMask is a popular Ethereum wallet and was developed by the blockchain developer company ConsenSys. This wallet is known for its highly decentralized & secure nature. 

On 18 April 2023, A MetaMask dev & founder of MyCrypto, Taylor Monahan, took to Twitter to inform the crypto community that she lost 5k ETH & some NFTs since Dec 2022 and confirmed that it was not about any phishing or targeted attack.

MetaMask developer also explained that hacker(s) uses a very wise mind to mix the transaction via transaction of assets in ETH & transferring to another victim.

On 19 April, the MetaMask team officially responded to this whole matter and said that it was not a MetaMask-specific exploit. 

According to MetaMask, the hack attack took place via 11 different crypto networks and here MetaMask security team is working with other Web3 crypto participants to find the actual source of this wallet hack attack. 

MetaMask also suggested crypto Investors keep big amounts of funds only in hardware wallets & keep backup phrases offline.

In the history of the crypto industry, the crypto sector saw several hack attacks but hack attacks on crypto wallets were very rare. In late Dec 2022, the Crypto sector saw a hack attack on the Bitkeep wallet. 

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MetaMask dev claims MetaMask wallet was exploited



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