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Probably Robert Kiyosaki missed the last Bitcoin dip

Probably Robert Kiyosaki missed the last Bitcoin dip 8

The popular financial author said that he is betting on Bitcoin and hinted that he is under FOMO (fear of missing opportunity).

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular financial advisor. In the world, he is known for his personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. His book is available in more than 50 languages and so far 40 million copies have been sold globally. 

On 18 April 2023, Robert Kiyosaki said that Bitcoin is now 100% high over the last 12 months and asked whether it will go up continuously. 

Kiyosaki indirectly showed his pain that he failed to purchase Bitcoin in the last dump, where Bitcoin was trading between $16k to $18k per BTC. 

Further Kiyosaki said that he is buying Gold, Silver & Bitcoin because the American finance bodies are telling lies about the dumping economy. 

US banking crisis 

In April of this year, during a podcast on The Rich Dad Radio Show, Kiyosaki alerted his viewers of the strong chance of an ‘economic tsunami’.

In the podcast, the discussion touched on American CBDC development & incoming payment system FedNow and the later discussion touched on the US banking crisis, as a part of the global economic downfall.

Kiyosaki said that the recent banking downfall will expand to other countries like Japan & China. 

“The Silicon Valley Bank was the first casualty. And then the Swiss Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank. And the next is the Bank of Japan. (…) This is a global crash. (…) I went through several tsunamis and all this stuff at sea. The years I was out there, it didn’t bother the ship, but when it hit land – ‘whom,” Kiyosaki said.

And probably he was right because a similar kind of situation also appeared with some of the popular banks in the UK. In the present time, every crypto company fails to get smooth banking services.

In the past, Kiyosaki suggested people several times to invest money in Bitcoin, Gold, Silver & Real estate assets but once he said that governments may try to kill Bitcoin if it will get success against all the other traditional assets including government-backed bonds. 

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Probably Robert Kiyosaki missed the last Bitcoin dip



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