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ex-BinanceUS CEO confirms he was not running the company: court documents

ex-BinanceUS CEO confirms he was not running the company: court documents 6

A recently released court document disclosed everything about the role of Brian Brooks at the Binance.US crypto exchange in 2021. 

Brian Brooks is a 54 years old American lawyer, banker, and entrepreneur. In his career history, he worked for the Comptroller of the Currency. This former government official joined BinanceUS Exchange as a CEO & just 4 months later he resigned, in Dec 2021. At the time he failed to provide clarity over his decision. 

Recently a legal document was released by the court in which a part of an interview is mentioned. That interview was between Brooks & officials from the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Documents revealed Brian Brooks said that at a certain period, he came to know that he was not running the BinanceUS exchange & the majority of the control power was in the hand of Binance CEO & founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ). 

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“What — what became clear to me at a certain point was CZ was the CEO of BAM Trading, not me. That’s what became clear at a certain point,” Brooks said.

Brooks also revealed that he made several decisions for BinanceUS’s services & business operations but all of the decisions have been rejected without any explanation or clarification.

In this way, Brooks confirmed that BinanceUS was not actually under his control, instead, CZ was controlling with full dominance, which is a very controversial thing as CZ always claims that Binance & BinanceUS crypto services were/are independent.

At the time, when Brooks stepped down from the BinanceUS CEO role then the majority of the people failed to talk about his decision seriously but recently people started to talk about this matter hugely, following SEC’s suit against BinanceUS, Binance, & CZ. 

Through the suit, the SEC body claimed that CZ was controlling the Binance exchange and probably this fact was based upon the statement passed by the former US government official. 

So far Binance CEO CZ failed to provide any clarity over such news & reports, which are circulating in the crypto sector on behalf of the court documents.

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ex-BinanceUS CEO confirms he was not running the company: court documents



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