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Chris Amani is the new CEO of the infamous crypto firm Terraform labs 

Chris Amani is the new CEO of the infamous crypto firm Terraform labs  2

A US citizen & former CEO of Humanity is serving as the chief executive officer at Terraform Labs.

Terraform Labs is a blockchain firm behind the Terra crypto project. This firm handles all development activities behind the Terra blockchain network. Before May 2022, Terra blockchain was running TerraUSD stablecoin & Luna coin in the crypto market but both of these two assets collapsed badly. Later the team launched a new Luna coin without any stablecoin concept.

On 19 July 2023, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Terraform Labs appointed Chris Amani as the new CEO. Chris was already working in the Terraform labs since 2021.

Chris mentioned his current position at Terraform via LinkedIn profile bio and confirmed that he is playing the role of Terraform CEO since April of this year. 

In an interview with media reporters, Terraform labs CEO confirmed that the company has no plans to launch any stablecoin and for now the company will mainly focus on better products, which will take a huge time. 

Do Kwon 

Do Kwon is the core Terraform labs co-founder & before Chris he was the boss of Terraform labs.

After the downfall of the Terra empire in May 2022, Kwon disappeared but was caught a few months back in Serbia with fake documents.

In the present time, Kwon is facing several fraud charges in South Korea & also in America. Now there is a huge chance that he will be extradited to South Korea to solve the whole dark mystery & game that took place behind the Terra project.

According to Chris, he believes that Kwon will save himself from all charges with the help of clear & transparent case proceedings and in the meantime, Terraform Labs will do hard work without him to deliver better services.

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Chris Amani is the new CEO of the infamous crypto firm Terraform labs



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