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Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho allegedly involved in crypto ponzi scheme

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho allegedly involved in crypto ponzi scheme 2

In a crypto fraud investigation, Ronaldinho Gaúcho is under huge hurdles, as investigations targeted him as a backend actor.

Brazilian retired professional footballer who played mostly as an attacking midfielder. Widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, he won two FIFA World Player of the Year awards and a Ballon d’Or, as per available information about him on the popularly trusted platform Wikipedia.

In the present time enforcement agencies are investigating a crypto Ponzi scheme “18kRonaldinho“. Reportedly this platform provides a 2% daily return on the crypto investment. In short, it is a money rotation-based ponzi scheme. Such types of platforms were highly popular in the US sector in 2015 but later after the downfall of the top popular Bitcoin cloud mining platform Hashocean, the majority of similar projects ran away from online existence.

As per investigations, some fingers dragged attention toward soccer star Ronaldinho Gaúcho, as a backer or supporter. However, no evidence came to light publicly over his direct or indirect association with the platform. He was ordered to testify at a congressional hearing on 24 Aug August he failed.

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After his failure of testifying on hearing, many people claimed Ronaldiwaso was the real actor behind this ponzi crypto scheme, which may not be true as he already earned huge money with huge respect for his talent.

Now, Brazilian soccer has an opportunity to clarify this matter by appearing in the next hearing on 31 August. The majority of the media reports confirmed that Ronaldinho will be detained by the police if he fails to testify in the next hearing.

This Ponzi crypto scheme came to light after a lawsuit seeking compensation for the damage of $61 million against this 18kRonaldinho platform.

Earlier Ronaldinho & his brother Roberto de Assis were detained in Paraguay in 2020 over the use of forged passports to enter the country. For that offence, both brothers spent nearly 170  in the prison.

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Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho allegedly involved in crypto ponzi scheme



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