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Former pro soccer Ronaldinho denies involvement in $61M crypto scam 

Former pro soccer Ronaldinho denies involvement in $61M crypto scam  8

Ronaldinho Gaúcho said that he was never involved or linked the the Ponzi crypto scheme 18kRonaldinho. 

“18kRonaldinho” was a Ponzi crypto platform. As per reports, this platform was providing a 2% return against investment per day. In the initial phase of the investigation, investigators alleged that former pro soccer star Ronaldinho might be associated with this Ponzi scheme as the name of the Ponzi investment scheme contains his name title.

On 31 August 2023, Ronaldinho Gaúcho testified before a parliamentary committee inquiry on this matter. In the hearing, the former soccer star said that he never partnered with this mentioned Ponzi company and also the company used his name & image without his permission. 

He also explained the used promotional pictures by the 18kRonaldinho website. According to Ronaldinho, those used images were captured in July 2019 with a subsidiary of the company that sells watches but that contract was terminated later that year in October and was never executed.

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Before this hearing the majority of the people were speculating that Ronaldinho was associated with that ponzi crypto investment platform as an investor citing the failure of their appearance on the 24 Aug hearing but now people are supporting him.

Three years back, Ronaldinho was arrested with his brother in Paraguay over visiting the country with a forged passport. For that mistake, he was sentenced to jail for 170 days. 

This year, the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) dragged nearly 11 companies under investigation, over providing false promises to give high return on investment. 

Recently the US SEC announced that Titan Global Capital Management was falsely promising to give 2,700% to the customers, which was misleading because the company used past investment profit performance in crypto. 

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Former pro soccer Ronaldinho denies involvement in $61M crypto scam



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