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Jordan Peterson says it’s time to scrap Banks & adopt Bitcoin

Jordan Peterson says it's time to scrap Banks & adopt Bitcoin 14

A popular Canadian psychologist shared his opinion on Australian bank’s forced digital finance services plan and suggested scrapping Banks. 

Jordan Bernt Peterson is a 61-year-old Canadian psychologist, best-selling author, and media commentator. In the late 2010s, Peterson started to grab attention for his views on cultural and political issues. This bestselling author has described himself as a classic British liberal and a traditionalist. 

On 14 Sep 2023, A media report noted that another bank in Australia announced that it was going to scrap Cash, cheques, and phone payments. In short, bank is going to put a big pressure on all account holders to adopt digital banking services, instead of the physical mode of the traditional financial system.

Following this report, Peterson said that it’s time to scrap the banks and instructed people to adopt Bitcoin, as it has better potential against centralised banking services.

The majority of the response comments supported Peterson for his Bitcoin advocacy. But few people claim that Bitcoin can’t fix these challenges, because of the volatile price of Bitcoin.

Earlier this year many Aussie banks announced that they closed their offline shops and increased focus to provide services via online mode. That means Bank holders will be required to communicate with the bank via call & e-mail services to solve the banking-related problems.

Few traditional finance experts supported these initiatives. They said that the majority of people handle their financial activities via their mobile & laptop easily and rarely people visit Bank branches, so the majority of the Banks found that there was no reason to run physical branches for customers. 

Some people believe that totally online banking & finance services are not better for the people’s life because under such online services people can’t maintain financial privacy.

Bitcoin price

The current trade price of Bitcoin (BTC) is $26,484 & this trade price is 2.29% higher over the last 7 days of trade price. 

Jordan Peterson says it's time to scrap Banks & adopt Bitcoin 13

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Jordan Peterson says it’s time to scrap Banks & adopt Bitcoin



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