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OnlyFans creators turn to Web3 decentralized social media platform

OnlyFans creators turn to Web3 decentralized social media platform 6

Amid the increasing payment & de-platform pressure on the OnlyFans & Patreon creators, decentralized video sharing platforms are getting huge traction.

OnlyFans is a popular premium service-based video media platform. The majority of adult content creators directly share their exclusive videos & images with subscribers. Because of the p0rnographic content, OnlyFans faced problems from the banking partner, as they stopped providing services to p0rn websites. Patreon is also a similar kind of service but doesn’t allow p0rn content creators.

In August of this year, many adult content creators had difficulty getting payment from OnlyFans and Patreon. The majority of the creators shared their de-platform fear. The whole situation forced creators to shift on the decentralized platforms.

Leon Lee, founder and CEO of Only1, a decentralized version of OnlyFans, spoke with Cointelegraph news media and confirmed that decentralized & Web3 technology-based video platforms saw a huge inflow of independent creators from OnlyFans-like platforms.

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It is worth it to note that in 2021 OnlyFans tried to ban adult content creators from the platform, to get continuous support from the banking partner but days later revoked this ban, as the reach & creators numbers plunged badly. 

Only1 founder addresses these types of situations and says that such fear among the creators will always remain in their mind until they remain dependent on centralized platforms.

To fight against such challenges & earn advantages in this situation with a decentralized concept, Only1 was launched on the Solana blockchain in March of this year. This project is backed by Animoca Brand. 

Here Only1 is not the first mover in the internet world in the race of decentralized video-sharing platforms. In Dec of last year, OnlyFans model Allie Rae launched a decentralized alternative to OnlyFans called “Wet Space”.

Recently OnlyFans creators also showed Inclination toward “Friend.Tech” decentralized video sharing platform, which was deployed on Coinbase’s Base network.

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OnlyFans creators turn to Web3 decentralized social media platform



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