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YouTube will roll out AI features for short creators 

YouTube will roll out AI features for short creators  3

Alphabet’s video-sharing platform YouTube confirmed that it will bring new AI-integrated features for YouTube creators to bring more creativity & ability to produce better content.

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform that was launched by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in 2005. In late 2006, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion & further introduced more features and now in the present time YouTube is a source of income for millions of people globally.

On 21 Sep 2023, the YouTube team published a blog post and confirmed that it will roll out new features for the YouTube platform by the end of this year & also by the next year globally.

Three new features are in the queue to be launched by the YouTube team. These features are Dream Create, YouTube Create, and AI insights.

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Dream Create feature will allow Short video clip creators to generate unique backgrounds & videos. This feature will be fully backed by Artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

YouTube Create will be a new video editing app focused on mobile creators but what will be different from other apps, is still not known but it is confirmed that it will be free & also creators will be allowed to use copyright free music clips. This app launched in the beta phase across 8 countries.

The third feature will be AI insights. It will be just like an assistant for YouTube creators to understand the internet trend, to create new videos on the best topic on behalf of the demand.

YouTube will roll out AI features for short creators  2

The Dream Screen feature will be launched by YouTube by the end of this year but other features will be launched worldwide for all the creators by the next year.

Here YouTube failed to confirm whether it will allow the creators to create the entire video with the help of AI or not. Earlier on 19 Sep, Google announced that it will integrate its AI chatbot assistant with YouTube so that YouTube users can get better assistance to get more accurate search results.

Since Q4 2023, the race of AI chatbot development surged rapidly following the launch of an AI chatbot by OpenAI called ChatGPT.

The majority of the online platforms showed significant Inclination toward this sector. Some online service providers claim that AI tools will create big problems but AI tech will also help to tackle those problems.

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YouTube will roll out AI features for short creators



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