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A Whistleblower claims Arkham Intelligence violates Binance & FTX terms of use policy

A Whistleblower claims Arkham Intelligence violates Binance & FTX terms of use policy 4

A former Arkham employee accused Arkham of breaching the Binance & FTX exchange’s terms of service use policy intentionally.

Binance is a top-ranked crypto exchange, known for providing high-class crypto services for every type of crypto trader. Currently, this exchange is top in the world by 24-hour crypto trade volume on its platform. FTX was the second top-ranked popular crypto exchange but went bankrupt in Nov of last year, as its co-founder misused the customer’s funds for personal benefits. 

On 5 Oct 2023, A video came into light in the crypto sector by Crypto Leaks in which a former engineer of Crypto firm Arkham Intelligence disclosed how the Arkham firm violated the top crypto company’s terms of use policy to link exchange users to their corresponding private cryptocurrency wallets.

The former Arkham engineer said the Arkham platform used the mentioned exchange’s backdoor to connect the customers’ links & further find links between their corresponding private crypto wallets. 

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This whistleblower is a European citizen and Arkham Intelligence’s CTO asked him to create an account on Binance & FTX exchange. The firm’s executives were not able to create their direct accounts on these exchanges as they were not European citizens.

On behalf of the assumptions, the former Arkham engineer claimed that Arkham firm probably created several Binance & FTX accounts to improve its ability to identify the owners of Binance-linked addresses which was a violation of the exchange’s user privacy and terms of service.

When this engineer came to know this thing, he unintentionally breached the exchange’s policies, then told to Arkham CTO but the CTO admitted that he was aware of these things.

“Yes it could be interpreted illegally… but if he was in my shoes, he would do it anyway,” Arkham CTO reportedly said.

This former Arkham engineer reportedly worked for Arkham between June 2022 and Oct. 2022. In the past Crypto Leaks platform provided several 100% verified leaked information to the public, so people are expecting this information also 100% verified.

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A Whistleblower claims Arkham Intelligence violates Binance & FTX terms of use policy



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