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First Bitcoin Ordinals market platform hacked 

First Bitcoin Ordinals market platform hacked  5

Ordswap’s official website was hacked and the Ordswap team warned users to remain away until the team recaptures the platform.

Bitcoin Ordinals is a form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are inscribed on a satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin. The Ordinals concept is a protocol that allows people to mint new tokens & NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain network directly. This unique concept jumped into the crypto sector this year & grabbed huge popularity. In the past, many Bitcoin proponents slammed the Bitcoin ordinals concept & said that it is useless & causing high network traffic on the Bitcoin. 

On 9 Oct 2022, the Bitcoin Ordinals market Ordswap faced a hack attack & its backend team lost control of its official website.

The Ordswap team suggested that Ordswap users remain away from this platform until the team gets full control of the website again.

Hacking-like incidents in the crypto sector are a usual thing. Recently we reported that a hacker, who exploited the HTX (Huobi Global) exchange’s wallet access system easily, returned the stolen funds within a week. 

The hacker drained nearly $7.9 million worth of crypto assets from the HTX exchange on 24 Sep and returned on 7 Oct following the 5% bounty offer of the exchange.

In the middle of Sep, the CoinEx crypto exchange faced a hack attack & lost nearly $50 million worth of crypto assets. The exchange offered a bounty reward for the hacker but the hacker neither returned nor responded.

Nearly 6 days ago, the exchange restarted its services with full functionality, as the exchange conducted a security investigation & introduced new development works to ensure the safety of the platform.

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First Bitcoin Ordinals market platform hacked



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