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Israel’s Web3 community invites people to donate crypto (Hamas vs Israel)

Israel's Web3 community invites people to donate crypto (Hamas vs Israel) 7

To help the Hamas’s attack affected people, the crypto proponents invited people to donate funds. 

Just a few days back, Hamas (a terrorist group) suddenly declared war against Israel. With the help of several rocket attacks simultaneously, this terrorist organisation succeeded in killing nearly 1,000 people. US government agencies consider Hamas a terrorist group but few countries like Iran treat this organisation as a military. The footage that is circulating across the social media platforms showed that Hamas couldn’t be a military group because they crossed every limit of bad activity.

On 10 Oct 2023, Israel’s Web3 community jumped to help the affected people in the Israeli vs Hamas war. They established a cryptocurrency aid fund called “Crypto Aid Israel”. 

This aid fund will be managed by FireBlocks, Israel’s highly popular web3 firm. 

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This aid will receive flagship crypto assets for example bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH) as well as the dollar-linked stablecoins USDT and USDC. The collected assets will be stored in the multi-signature wallet under the control of multiple entities, to ensure the safe custody of the funds. 

Notably here Crypto is playing a vital role in keeping financial activities alive amid every kind of bad & good situations. During the Russia vs Ukraine conflict, people donated huge amounts of Crypto assets (more than $100 million) to help the countries against the Russian military attacks. 

Before that protests in Canada succeeded in fighting against harsh government actions with the help of crypto financial activities, as they were banned from using traditional financial services.

Binance crypto exchange always remains top in this crypto sector to help the countries that face problems because of floods, earthquakes, storms, etc. 

Recently Binance exchange donated $5 million worth of BNB coins in Libya to help the victims of the flood.

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Israel’s Web3 community invites people to donate crypto (Hamas vs Israel)



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