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X (Twitter) takes down Cardano scammer’s account 

X (Twitter) takes down Cardano scammer's account  11

Recently a crypto scammer impersonated a Cardano whale & crypto influencer, to easily catch innocent people under his scam trap. 

Cardano is a popular Proof-of-Stake (PoS) crypto network, founded by Charles Hoskinson. Cardano project never took support from Venture capitalists (VCs), so usually faces a lack of media attention. Ada is the native coin of the Cardano blockchain network.

On 12 Oct 2023, It was found that a person (better to call him a scammer) was trying to act like a Cardano (ADA) fan & Cardano’s big Investor just like another reputed Cardano whale who is popular in the crypto community.

This scammer was trying to attract people to participate in a new token & Defi protocol launch. He invited people to participate in the airdrop program.

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X (Twitter) takes down Cardano scammer's account  10
Scammer’s Tweet

The real Cardano whale responded quickly against this crypto scammer and clearly said that he had no association with him.

After this post, that scammer targeted another Cardano influencer, Rick McCracken, to promote RICK tokens with the help of similar tactics. McCracken warned users to steer clear of this scheme.

McCracken responded against these fake accounts and suggested people remain away from such suspicious crypto-airdrop programs.

Following the circulating reports against the scammer, the X (Twitter) team was quick to take down one of the X accounts @awhaleada

Cardano & Struggle

This is the bitter truth that the majority of focused VC firms don’t like the Cardano project, as the Cardano team never invited any VC to invest in the project directly before the launch plan.

In the past, Cardano founder Hoskinson alleged that such VCs-backed mainstream media never miss chances to criticize the Cardano project.

Yesterday the Cardano founder shared a screenshot of the top crypto token’s price in the popular cointracking website CoinMarketCap and showed the level of hate that Ada is facing.

In the attached screenshot, the app shows that ADA trade price-performance was badass in the top crypto assets in the last 24 hours, which was not true.

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X (Twitter) takes down Cardano scammer’s account



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