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OXOA: the first Layer-3 Gaming Blockchain on zkSync

Built on the zkSync, OXOA is a Layer-3 blockchain dedicated to gaming.

OXOA extends beyond a common blockchain as OXOA’s community members can participate in node operations to earn rewards and vote for future governance proposals.

OXOA operates independently but is interconnected by a network of hyperbridges, enabling the fastest and most reliable interoperability with zero transaction fee.


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WHY was OXOA created?

OXOA’s mission is to help indie game developers monetize their games.

Indie game developers earn less than they deserve

In 2021, >96% of games on Steam are indies, but they generate only 28% of total revenues. Over 50% of indie games on Steam have never made more than $4,000. (Source: VGI)

This happens because many indie studios are running on tight budgets which makes it harder for them to make a profit.

Game production is a time-consuming and costly process, and because of the low success rate of games, as well as the unpredictability of developing future revenue streams, it is an extremely risky venture for investors. Especially in the case of indie gaming studios that are keen on experimenting with novel concepts.

The inability to spend on (performance) marketing, which is often the key source of user acquisition, goes hand in hand with the difficulty in recruiting additional finance.

Web3 – The promised land for indie games

Indie game developers, stop wasting your time creating a game without gaining profits from it!

Let’s find new opportunities in the Web3 world where you can raise funds and earn revenue in many ways: VC, token sales, NFTs sales, in-game economy, and gamer community governance.

The blockchain gaming market size is still very small, only 1/53 times the total market size of the gaming industry, which indicates a huge future growth potential of blockchain gaming.

Choose Web3 gaming, choose OXOA

OXOA gaming platform facilitates the seamless participation of traditional gamers and game developers in Web3 Gaming.

It allows gamers to easily engage in friendly exchanges and transactions of in-game items without worrying about the complexities of using cryptocurrency wallets or gas fees. The OXOA network is open and decentralized, enabling individuals to operate nodes, receive substantial network rewards, and actively participate in network governance.


  • Provides the infrastructure for indie projects to seamlessly integrate web2 games into web3.
  • Reduces the entry barriers for web2 users into web3 through advanced blockchain solutions such as AA Wallet and Paymaster.
  • Shares benefit with the community by allowing them to participate in the OXOA network operation, ensuring decentralization and equality between players and developers.
HOW does OXOA solve the current problem of Web3 games?

OXOA is perfect for Web3 game developers as we offer excellent solutions to your current problems.

Challenge 1: Wallet Interaction

Problem – Overcoming the Complexity of Wallet Adoption: One of the primary challenges hindering the widespread adoption of blockchain gaming is the intricate process users face when directly interacting with cryptocurrency wallets. This complexity often acts as a deterrent for players who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology, creating a barrier to entry.

Solution – A Streamlined Approach to Wallet Integration: Recognizing the significant impediment posed by direct wallet interaction, OXOA has taken a proactive step to address this challenge. In collaboration with Thirdweb, OXOA is implementing a seamless integration of wallet management into the backend of the gaming experience. This strategic partnership ensures that players no longer need to grapple with the complexities of handling wallets themselves. Instead, the platform adeptly manages this aspect, thereby simplifying the onboarding process and enhancing user interaction. By seamlessly integrating wallets, OXOA aims to provide a more user-friendly and accessible blockchain gaming experience for both seasoned users and those new to the technology.

Challenge 2: Gas Fees

Problem – The Burden of High Gas Fees: Blockchain gaming faces a substantial hurdle in the form of high gas fees, a predicament primarily stemming from inefficiencies and congestion on specific blockchain networks. The consequence is exorbitant transaction fees, rendering even basic in-game actions economically impractical. This not only dissuades potential users but also impedes the organic growth of blockchain gaming ecosystems.

Solution – Paving the Way for a Gasless Experience: In direct response to the pressing issue of elevated gas fees, OXOA introduces a transformative solution by incorporating a dedicated “gas subsidy” contract. This strategic initiative involves subsidizing gas fees for games deployed on the OXOA platform. By doing so, OXOA ensures that players can seamlessly engage in OXOA games without the financial burden of paying gas fees. This gasless experience not only removes a significant barrier for user participation but also contributes to fostering a more inclusive and economically viable environment within the blockchain gaming sphere. OXOA’s commitment to mitigating gas fee challenges showcases a dedication to enhancing the overall accessibility and user-friendliness of its gaming ecosystem.

Challenge 3: Blockchain Stability

Problem – Navigating the Challenges of Unstable Blockchains: The stability of blockchain networks stands out as a significant concern within the realm of gaming. While blockchains are intended to offer a robust and secure infrastructure for gaming experiences, the reality is that many existing networks grapple with instability issues. This instability can manifest in buggy gameplay, leading to frustrating user experiences. Players are naturally hesitant to engage with games that don’t function reliably due to the deployment of logic via smart contracts on an unstable blockchain.

Solution – Prioritizing Network Reliability for Seamless Gameplay: Recognizing the paramount importance of stability for a smooth gaming experience, OXOA places a strong emphasis on ensuring the reliability of its blockchain network. OXOA addresses issues related to downtime and congestion by prioritizing network stability. The commitment to providing a stable environment ensures that players experience seamless gameplay without the frustrations often associated with less reliable blockchain networks. By establishing a reliable blockchain network, OXOA not only enhances the overall gaming experience but also instills confidence in users, fostering a positive and trustful environment within its gaming ecosystem.

Challenge 4: Game Design

Problem – Monetary-Focused Game Design: A prevalent issue in the blockchain gaming landscape is the disproportionate emphasis on monetary rewards within game design. Some blockchain games prioritize aggressive tokenomics over the creation of creative and enjoyable gameplay, thereby alienating players seeking genuine entertainment value. Relying solely on in-game token rewards for user engagement has proven to be short-lived, as demonstrated by the market fluctuations in 2021. There is a growing need for game designers to draw inspiration from successful traditional games that prioritize immersive experiences.

Solution – Prioritizing Creative Game Design: OXOA stands committed to fostering a paradigm shift in game design by prioritizing player experience over a purely monetary focus. Unlike certain blockchain games that prioritize quantity over quality, OXOA empowers developers to create imaginative and entertaining gameplay. By supporting various game genres and mechanics, OXOA encourages developers to deliver experiences that captivate players beyond token incentives. The emphasis on promoting creative game design ensures that OXOA stands out in the blockchain gaming landscape, providing users with engaging and enjoyable experiences.

Challenge 5: Economic Design

Problem – Overly Complex Game and Economic Design: The blockchain gaming industry grapples with the issue of overly complex systems, creating a steep learning curve that proves discouraging for new users. This complexity not only hinders user acquisition but also poses a challenge to achieving mass adoption. There is a growing recognition that simpler game and economic designs are more likely to attract players and contribute to the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

Solution – Simplifying Complex Game Systems: OXOA Foundation takes a proactive stance in addressing the challenge of complex game and economic systems that deter potential users. The foundation actively supports game projects that prioritize simplicity, making systems intuitive and user-friendly. OXOA provides developers with tools and resources to streamline game mechanics, ensuring that players can easily understand the dynamics and fully enjoy the gameplay experience. By simplifying these systems, OXOA aims to create an inclusive environment that welcomes users of all levels of familiarity with blockchain technology, fostering broader adoption within the gaming community.

Challenge 6: Leveraging Blockchain Benefits

Problem – Lack of Creativity in Leveraging Blockchain Benefits: Despite the inherent advantages of blockchain technology, such as interoperability and composability, the gaming industry often falls short in creatively incorporating these benefits into game design. There exists a notable lack of imagination in exploring innovative ways to leverage blockchain’s capabilities to enhance gameplay and user experiences.

Solution – Harnessing Blockchain Technology’s Potential: OXOA takes a pioneering approach by recognizing and harnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology. The platform actively encourages developers to think outside the conventional boundaries, fostering creativity in leveraging the unique advantages offered by blockchain. With a flexible and robust infrastructure, OXOA empowers developers to explore novel methods of incorporating blockchain benefits into their games, ultimately enriching the overall player experience.

In Summary: OXOA stands at the forefront of addressing the critical challenges impeding the growth of blockchain gaming. By focusing on reducing gas costs, enhancing network stability, promoting creative game design, simplifying complex systems, and maximizing the potential of blockchain technology while minimizing user wallet interactions, OXOA is strategically positioned to usher in the next era of blockchain gaming.

In essence, OXOA’s approach goes beyond removing obstacles; it adopts a user-centric philosophy, enhancing accessibility to blockchain gaming and providing a dynamic platform for developers to unleash their creative potential. The future of blockchain gaming with OXOA promises an era marked by innovation, accessibility, and unparalleled player experiences. Through these strategic initiatives, OXOA is shaping a landscape where blockchain gaming becomes not just a technological marvel but a captivating and seamless part of users’ entertainment experiences.



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