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Top 5 Tokens under $1 Billion Market Cap

Choosing the kind of digital asset to trade in the market is a choice that requires excellent expertise. This is because the selection of the asset is dependent on some essential factors. Besides factors like the market cap or technical analysis of the coin, traders need to consider their trading strategy. For instance, Bitcoin is very popular, and most traders prefer to hold it in their portfolios. But due to some reasons known to them, others might decide to go for lower cap tokens. This is because lower cap tokens always have more room to make a timely surge in the market and bring in massive profits. In this article, we will look into the top five altcoins under one billion in market capitalization.

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Top 5 Tokens Under $1 Billion Market Cap

#5 Bancor (BNT)

Bancor is a blockchain-based protocol that allows traders to convert one digital asset to another directly without the need for centralized exchanges like Coinbase. The main aim of Bancor is to eliminate the use of a third party in transactions using its native token, Bancor Network Token.

The BNT is the native currency of the platform and what traders use to communicate with the smart contracts on the protocol. Investors get one of the sweetest deals as the company provides them with gains from transaction fees anytime an exchange is made. Since the protocol is built on Ethereum, users can convert one ERC-20 token to another.

The reserves of the protocol have ERC-20 tokens that are held through smart contracts, which are tied to different smart tokens on the platform. The conversion on Bancor is done inside the exchange and depends on the amount of token a user intends to exchange. Presently, the Bancor Network Token ranked #114 on CoinMarketCap with a selling price of $4.11 per coin. The token’s market cap is at $975,005,021, with its trading volume in the last 24 hours at $33,308,084.

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#4 Ox (ZRX)

Created in 2016, Ox is a decentralized exchange that allows traders to trade Ethereum based tokens. The exchange is one of the biggest in the decentralized finance sector, boasting a wide range of users. Ox works in a peer-to-peer model, which means most transactions are carried out using smart contracts and, in the process eliminating third-party financial services.

The smart contract of the platform works using a shared infrastructure. This means that the technology on the platform is divided into two: State Channels and Automated Market Markers. While the AMM allows third parties to oversee a transaction if the price reaches a certain amount, the State channel tackles transactions offline, eliminating high transaction fees.

ZRX is the native currency of the platform, which drives governance and performs other functions within the platform. Traders who hold the ZRX token will be involved in the governance of the platform. The token can also be used to pay Relayers for bookmarking services. The ZRX token is ranked #118 on CoinMarketCap, with the price per coin at $1.13. The coin boasts a market cap of around $949,161,632, and its 24-hour trading volume is about $56,276,220.

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#3 Bora (BORA)

BORA is a platform that allows users to interact with different blockchains and token mechanisms. The platform says it wants to solve the problem in the crypto sector through the distribution of games and other digital content. The native token of the platform, the BORA coin, has some great uses on and off the platform. The BORA coin provides users with the ideal solution to unlock secure and open content distribution.

The token also unlocks and preserves the value of tokens that are built on the blockchain. The Bora platform was designed using a modular architecture that will provide unlimited access to users who can implement their independent blockchain. This is important because it allows each data provided by a service to work independently without interfering with other services. Meanwhile, users can enjoy all the content provided on the platform through one account.

Bora incorporates user identity on its platform, with the platform boasting massive scalability to handle the activities of service providers. Presently, Bora is not doing well in the market as it trades at $1.11, losing 4.83 of its value in the last 24 hours. The token is presently on #118, according to CoinMarketCap. Its 24 hour trading volume is $435,643,445, while boasting a market cap of $952,208,743.

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#2 Celsius (CEL)

Celsius Network is a crypto solution platform that was developed by Alex Mahinsky and Daniel Leon in 2018. The platform is responsible for services such as lending and borrowing. Asides from that, Celsius has a payment service and a wallet hosting service that runs on its platform. Although Celsius runs in a decentralized way, it is managed through a centralized method instead of a community.

Celsius has a friendly and understandable platform where users can access services like borrowing more than 30 fiat and stablecoins. Traders can also earn interest by lending their tokens to the network. The majority of the services are infused in the wallet, available on Android and Apple devices. Its CelPay service allows users to make transactions in and out of the country without paying fees for transactions.

CEL, its native token, is based on Ethereum. With the CEL token, users can increase their rewards when they lend out tokens and reduce their Annual Percentage Rates when they borrow tokens. Although CEL is not doing well in the market, the token is selling at $3.99. It is ranked on #114 on CoinMarketCap with its market cap at $955,210,555. Its 24-hour trading volume is presently around $3,940,765.

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#1 Donelon Mars (ELON)

The Dogelon Mars token is a token that was forked from the popular dog-inspired token, Dogecoin. During its creation, the developer set out to create a currency that will answer people’s universal needs. It should be noted that the token was created as a tribute to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Before its creation, Elon Musk was an avid backer of Dogecoin, which endeared many to the meme coin.

According to the developer, the coin will continue to undergo development as at when due. The developer intends to help as many people were scammed or rug pulled in the crypto sector. With this, the developers said a certain amount of tokens would be sent to users in the market who were victims of the hack.

Presently, the ELON token is trading at $0.000002, losing 0.10% in the last 24 hours. Elon is currently occupying the #120 position on CoinMarketCap with a market cap of $931,107,723. The token in circulation is around 555,841,793,004,366 ELON with its 24 hour trading volume around $39,453,985.

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The tokens above are the top 5 tokens with a market cap of under $1 billion. Although there are some worthy mentions, traders should be careful with the kind of tokens they trade. Trading tokens in the crypto market is very risky, including already established top tokens like Ethereum and Bitcoin. A trader who wants to trade would be open to a degree of loss and must adopt a winning strategy to his trades. Traders should also ensure that the tokens in their portfolio are tokens that they trust to make good moves. Finally, carrying out research can never be overrated as it will open a trader’s eyes to see reasons to add or remove tokens from their wallets.

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Top 5 Tokens under $1 Billion Market Cap  
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