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Top 3 Lending Crypto Platforms To Check Out This Bull Season

Pandemic drove the crypto market to a new ATH with Bitcoin appreciating by 12,300% within the last 5 years. That said, as a Bitcoiner, you need not have to liquidate your positions for profits. The Crypto market has matured enough to provide a wide range of investment vehicles. Crypto lending is one such realm to explore. 

What is Crypto Lending?

Crypto lending is a specific trade type to stake crypto and get interest from it. For example, Bob has 1 BTC. He bought the BTC at $ 10,000. The market pumped, making his investment multiply 4 folds. Now, Bob can deposit $40,000 in BTC to liquidity pools on lending platforms for fixed interest. Sometimes, the returns can well surpass what banks provide. For example, interest rates on DAI at BlockFi are 8.5%. Bitfinex provides an even better yield at 9.13%.

Top Platforms for Crypto Lending in 2021


Investors can deposit any crypto-asset like BTC, ETH, LTC, VET, LINK and receive interest in CRO. On top of this, if investors stake more CROs, they get entitled to lesser interest on loans. A standard CRO stake of less than 100,000 would give 2% interest rates. Whereas, if an investor invests more than 100,000 CRO, they can get 8% to 10% APR. 

#2.Celsius Network 

Celsius Network is the name to trust for crypto lending. At the time of its roll-out, it experienced 40,000 downloads. The protocol was giving a 7.1% APY back then. At the time of writing, on Celsius Network, the interests hover around 8% to 10%. Celsius Network further simplifies borrowing. Users can take loans at 4.95% APR by depositing their crypto.

#3. Inlock

Inlock introduces a new revolution in crypto lending with no centralized lending rates. Users get the discretion to trade peer to peer with rates getting influenced by demand. The protocol makes the ecosystem safe for borrowing by collateralization.  In collateralization, the borrower crypto safeguards the loan taken. 


Bank of America believes DeFi is a much more disruptive tech than Bitcoin. The basic reason for the same is trust-less lending and borrowing. With time concepts like flash loans, lending & borrowing, yield farming will evolve. Thus, setting the tone to drive huge institutional and retail money.

Top 5 DeFi Protocols
Top 5 DeFi Protocols© Cryptoticker

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Top 3 Lending Crypto Platforms To Check Out This Bull Season  
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