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What is Alchemy Pay? Here’s All What you MUST KNOW

Cryptocurrencies are at the peak of success with returns as high as 100x to 1000x. As a result, the market quadrupled to $3 trillion in a year. Chainalysis Global Crypto Adoption Index shows an 880% jump through P2P trading.  But P2P makes the trading process complex. The reason being users need to maintain two wallets for trading. One fiat wallet to interact with the seller, the other to receive the crypto. To spark retail revolution across crypto, simpler choices for trade make sense. That’s what Alchemy Pay is doing.  

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What is Alchemy Pay? 


Alchemy Pay bridges the gap between fiat and crypto through a hybrid model. It provides complete solutions to users for settlements and trade. Thus eliminating the friction to maintain a bank account for transfers. Using ACH token, users can pay fees, earn rewards, opt for settlements in any currency. On top of this, Alchemy Pay also enables quick access to DeFi protocols using fiat on the ramp. In this way, veterans, as well as newbies, can enter the crypto market with ease.


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Why is Alchemy Pay So Special for Crypto Users?


Alchemy Pay’s vision  is to mitigate challenges dealing in fiat/crypto pair. The platform through fiat-on-ramp has fulfilled this vision. Along with this, Alchemy Pay broadens the transaction usability. As a result, users can do cross-chain asset transfer at lightning-fast speed. The second layer protocol of Alchemy Pay allows instant settlement with higher throughput. Users can bypass high gas charges if they use the ACH tokens for the transfer. At the moment, the need is to bring a lot of users to crypto, through Alchemy Pay, the vision doesn’t look far-fetched.



Will Alchemy Pay Be a Good Investment? 


Traditional payment systems have shortcomings. Though Bitcoin has solved that problem, it doesn’t pair with fiat. For example, if you send BTC, the receiver cannot convert that to native currency. That’s where Alchemy Pay is making the difference. The ecosystem bridges e-Commerce and crypto. So, POS integration is possible. Thus, allowing crypto to enter even retail shops.

This functionality has built a bullish approach for this crypto. In early October, the coin traded at $0.04. After seeing the varied use-cases, Coinbase listed ACH on its platform. The Coinbase effect triggered a meteoric rise in its value. On August 6, 2021, ACH reached an ATH of $0.1975. Its long-term price predictions show a bullish approach. As per TradingBeast, ACH could reach $0.0963708 by 2021.

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At the moment, Ripple Network allows faster settlement. Alchemy Pay somewhat mimics ripple for cross-border payment. The added bonus though is enterprise-level usage. There’s a lot of speculation about whether it will be a good investment or not. Everything would depend on how regulations fare or tech change in the future. For investors, they must DYOR  before investing. 




ATH: All-Time-High

DYOR: Do Your Own Research

ACH: Alchemy Token 

P2P: Peer to Peer


Alchemy Pay
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What is Alchemy Pay? Here’s All What you MUST KNOW  
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