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Bakkt To Offer Ethereum To Retail And Institutional Investors By 2021 End

Ethereum fundamentals are firing on all cylinders, the base asset Ether is creating new ATHs every few days and leading platforms are starting to take notice. Bakkt – the leading digital assets platform announced on Nov 05 that it will start to offer Ether (ETH) to its retail and institutional investors by the year 2021 end. The world’s largest smart contracts platform will be offered alongside Bitcoin.

Bakkt has further announced that institutional clients can also choose the Bakkt Warehouse for custody services. Plus users can transfer Ether using the official application on Appstore and Playstore. The press release notes that by offering both Bitcoin and Ethereum, they are offering two cryptocurrencies that represent more than half of the entire crypto market.

As for the official reason for offering Ethereum, “Ethereum has grown in popularity over the past year, holding a sizeable share of the crypto market second only to bitcoin. By giving users greater opportunities to utilize their digital assets such as Ethereum, including buying, selling, spending, and sending, Bakkt facilitates the flow of digital commerce in line with the company’s mission of connecting the digital economy

It appears that Ethereum’s success at becoming the premier smart contracts platform, amidst the flurry of developmental activity, and the adoption/usage metrics at an all-time high hasn’t gone unnoticed. The platform explained the rationale behind the recent addition as offering “a popular and growing cryptocurrency“ and that Bakkt is committed to providing “flexible opportunities for users to enjoy their digital assets”.

About Bakkt

Launched in 2018 and headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia – Bakkt is a public, seamless digital assets platform, which allows people to buy, sell, stock, and dispense digital assets easily. It is supported by Intercontinental Exchange’s proven commercial exchange foundation and technology. Its global platform brings across investors, retailers, and users, making it simpler, speedier, and more cost-effective to obtain, trade, and utilize digital assets. It’s now available through the app.

Bakkt Ethereum
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Bakkt To Offer Ethereum To Retail And Institutional Investors By 2021 End  
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