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Decentraland Tutorial – What is it and how to play?

This article is all about Decentraland. It is a digital platform that facilitates users to develop and find virtual reality. The users can purchase plots of land (non-fungible unique digital assets) that they can produce. It covers the data of the location, owner, content information, and access controls. MANA is the native ERC-20 token. In the month of October, the MANA price had increased by almost 294%. The amazing thing to notice here is that the yearly ROI (Return On Investment) of MANA is almost +4000%. Let’s take a look at it in more detail.

What is Decentraland: A Virtual World?

As mentioned earlier, Decentraland is a virtual world where users can purchase, trade, and create digital real estate, art, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Users can achieve this by playing games and joining different ventures in the virtual world. It runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Two various kinds of tokens oversee progress in Decentraland. These are:

  • LAND – A non-fungible token (NFT) utilized to determine the purchase of land packages describing digital real estate. 
  • MANA – A cryptocurrency that allows possession of LAND, as well as virtual assets and assistance applied in Decentraland.

How does Decentraland work?

It is created to follow real estate packages specified by LAND tokens. The Ethereum blockchain is used to trace the ownership of this virtual land, and it urges users to provide its MANA token within an Ethereum wallet to join its environment.

The order of Decentraland is split into three zones:

  • Consensus layer: A smart contract is utilized to trace land purchase and land content.
  • Land content layer: To provide content, a decentralized administration method is applied.
  • Real-time layer: Enables users to communicate with one another through peer-to-peer relationships.

How to get started in Decentraland?

Marketplace: It is the firm’s in-house environment for selling LAND and Estate parcels. The Marketplace allows listing and P2P activities among players who put their own values and barter their own agreements. There is an Atlas view, which resembles a surveyor’s picture and displays which LAND parcels and Estates are for trade and other LAND and who holds it if any. Users can buy LAND unconditionally or put a proposal on any LAND they recognize. 

Agora Voting and SDK: It is a mechanism of voting. The community is listed on topics, and users decide it by using MANA. The SDK is used to create a custom construction on land parcels.

Builder: This builder enables users to easily drag-and-drop significant builds. The Builder works as a visible editor, empowering users to build ‘scenes’, which are graphical things that can be stored into Decentraland. Scenes can be placed on the LAND that users have or the LAND that has allowed them to place them on.

Avatars: Avatars are visible images of users. By utilizing a Decentraland wallet and spending 100 MANA, users can profess their avatar name before it is taken.

How to play Decentraland (MANA)?

Decentraland’s game is easy. The players engage themselves in the virtual world of the game and begin learning all the different things that are from this adventure. From old dungeon puzzles to state-of-the-art skyscrapers contemporary can be generated. The following is the step-by-step process.

To play or use Decentraland, new users should first build a cryptocurrency wallet. The wallet program must be of a particularized nature for Decentraland, and it must be ready to run via a web browser. So, a MetaMask wallet can be used.

  • So, download Metamask Wallet from here. Then choose the browser of your choice and then install. Metamask will be installed as a browser extension. 
  •  The important thing to note here is that users can play the game by using their wallets too.
  • For this, to buy in the game, users will require MANA, which they can gain from Binance and carry to their MetaMask wallet.
  • After this, visit and pick “Continue with wallet”, then click “MetaMask”.
  • Users can also play the game as a guest account. 
  • If users want to just explore the Decentraland as a guest, then simply click on and choose “Play as Guest” to get started!
  • Next, users will be delivered to the character customization page. Here they can pick male/female or create their own avatar.
  • After giving the character name, simply select “Next” to continue.
  • Next, users will be able to easily travel the world of Decentraland.
  • The arrangement will transport users to the virtual world of Decentraland. 
  • A small robot will escort users through the primary steps to get used such as keys to move, buttons, mouse to navigate. In this way, users can explore the world in Decentraland.

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Decentraland Tutorial – What is it and how to play?  
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