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New Game Launched by “The Presidents” | Read All About “The War of Morale”

“The Presidents” is the new kid in the block in the world of DeFi, GameFi, AI, and crypto. This project is currently the world’s largest NFT collection, which involves 20,000 avatars of prominent leaders. In December “The Presidents” presented a new play-to-earn game, The War of Morale.

Recently launched on the Binance Smart Chain, this project aims to deliver fun and competitive play-to-earn games that feature NFTs from their pool and develop an active community of players and NFT-allied members. What is The War of Moral, the first game introduced by “The Presidents”? How does it work? Who can participate? Keep reading this article to learn more.

What Is The Presidents?

According to, The Presidents is the world’s first and only NFT collection that brings together so many avatars of 50 presidents from different countries as well as legit crypto organizations. The project, which is a rare NFT collection, was recently launched on the Binance Smart Chain.

The developers picked the BSC because it’s a preferable blockchain platform for NFT projects. Besides, it has a faster and cheaper network than other blockchains, including Ethereum. With more than 20,000 avatars of countries and crypto organizations, The Presidents consists of a unique style delivered in a classic, digital piece of art.

The collection includes eight key categories of Presidents such as:

  • Americans
  • American Legends
  • Soviets
  • World
  • World Legends
  • Crypto Legends
  • Secrets
  • Satoshi

Each NFT comes in a unique design, which makes it the only one of its kind on any blockchain. Participants can mine one President for 0.3 Binance Coin (BNB) through the Metamask wallet.

This game allows users to earn money by just participating, based on their effort and availability. In return, the participants receive the game’s base token, which they can use to vote and take part in the future decision-making plans of the platform.

The War of Morale game is set to launch when the mint is over, in line with the project’s GameFi strategy. Interested users can participate in the game by creating teams of “allies.” At least three Presidents manage one team. Additionally, each team includes an avatar collection of 50 Presidents and crypto pioneers, as well as the founders of Binance, TRON, and Ethereum.

How Does The Presidents Game Work?

According to the official website, each President embraces four key in-game skills:

  • Attack (level of attack)
  • Defense (level of defense)
  • Diplomacy (to increase the user’s defense against opponents)
  • Luck (enables the user to strike opponents with defensive tactics, stronger attacks, and more)

The Presidents game allows two users with similar Moral levels to play together. The Morale levels range from 100 to Unlimited. The battlefield is digital. Once the game starts, a group of Presidents, according to the players’ choices, face off against each other.

 In the next move, players choose which sections of “government” they want to attack or defend. For example, they can attack or defend Public Health, Economics, Produce, or Raw Materials.

What Do Participants Have to Do?

Once the opponent’s face-off, players can win the battle by exhausting their opponents’ Morale while maintaining their own Presidents’ Morale. The winners of the game receive the game’s governance token as a reward while their Presidents’ skills level goes up.

Meanwhile, the losers have their Presidents’ skill level go down. Even so, each avatar can generate Morale with different speeds. For instance, the speeds can range from ten minutes to 24 hours. This period can increase according to the “support” a President gets.

Each President’s skill level matches a base level that starts from 50 to 5000 units. The skill level should also correspond to traits, including bandanas, cyborg arms, zombie’s eyes, and medical masks. Each collection comprises of 246 “traits”, which are partially generated by AI.

The Presidents – Final Words

As much as it’s a new game, The Presidents game is taking the market by storm. Currently, interested users can mint one avatar for 0.3 Binance Coin (BNB) through the Metamask wallet. Most importantly, the game includes a special portrait of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pioneer of the blockchain protocol. 

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New Game Launched by “The Presidents” | Read All About “The War of Morale”

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