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“Invest in Bitcoin” Says Mexican Billionaire Businessman as a New Year Message

“Invest in Bitcoin” Says Mexican Billionaire Businessman as a New Year Message

As the year 2021 is about to end, a huge curiosity is created among the people about the life of crypto in the coming year. More so, the crypto industry marked great success and crossed huge milestones throughout the year. 

In regards to this, Mexican Billionaire, Ricardo Salinas Pliego shared his New year message on Twitter. He recommends his fan followers to “Invest in Bitcoin” thereby gaining a positive confidence in oneself. This New Year’s heartwarming message is on trend favoring all the  Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts on Christmas Eve. 

Believe in Yourself and Buy Bitcoin 

Ricardo is Chairman and founder of Grupo Salinas, the conglomerate that owns the second largest broadcasting company in the Mexican country. With his great popularity in both business and personal lives, he owns more than  957,200 fan followers on Twitter. And Salinas is always proud to say, he is a Bitcoin holder as well. 

However, as a New Year message, Salinas advised his followers to “Invest in Bitcoin”, moving away from fiat currencies as it’s just fake money made up of papers. He encouraged his people saying, not to be jealous, just believe in yourself and purchase Bitcoin in the New Year. 

Interestingly, Salinas has been a BTC evangelist since 2013 and still promotes and believes Bitcoin will ruin the crypto world soon. Moreover, this New Year message was a 2 minute joyful video for his followers to buy bitcoin.

And following his words, many started to invest in Bitcoin as well. Significantly, Bitcoin is standing at $51,483.45 with a spike of 2.28% in the last 24 hours. However, BTC is performing within the green margins throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, the Central bank of Mexica refused to accept businesses in Bitcoins when Salinas approached for the approval. Further, Mexico bans Cryptocurrencies in their financial system as well.  On an immediate note, Mexico’s bank authorities stated that Bitcoin is not a legal tender and it is banned to use within the country.. 

Further, in an interview with Cointelegraph, Salinas shared that he bought BTC at $500 in 2013 through Grayscale. And he marks it as one of the best investments ever in his life. 

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“Invest in Bitcoin” Says Mexican Billionaire Businessman as a New Year Message


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