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Top 4 Bitcoin Whales – Big Institutions or Regular Individuals?

Lately, the influence of the big Bitcoin addresses on the market has been discussed again and again. So-called Bitcoin whales can massively influence crypto price developments through their activities in the market. We often think of large companies or banks. But these 4 private individuals are the top 4 largest Bitcoin whales on the market.

#4 Changpeng Zhao- Binance Founder

As the founder of the largest crypto exchange in the world, Binance, Changpeng Zhao is logically one of the largest Bitcoin whales in the world. After years of working on Wall Street, Zhao saw the opportunity in cryptocurrencies and founded Binance in 2017. The platform has now overtaken all other crypto exchanges in terms of popularity. 

Changpeng Zhao’s net worth is believed to be $ 1.9 billion. The majority of this comes from cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin. Zhao has been a prominent thought leader in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain for years.

#3 Chris Larsen – Angel Investor

Chris Larsen takes number 3 on the list of Bitcoin whales. Larsen is the founder and CEO of Ripple, one of the most popular payment networks in the crypto world. He is the second confirmed crypto billionaire after Zhan. 

His net worth is around $ 6 billion. The number of Bitcoins in his possession should be lower than the number of Micree Zhan (our #2 guy on the list). Lately, Larsen attracted attention with rather critical remarks about cryptocurrencies.

#2 Micree Zhan – Bitmain Co-Founder

No one knows the exact Bitcoin wealth of Micree Zhan. According to rumors, the co-founder of the Bitcoin mining company Bitmain Technologies holds the second-highest number of Bitcoin privately owned, making it number 2 of the largest Bitcoin whales. 

Zhan lives in Beijing and has an estimated fortune equivalent to over $ 3 billion in Bitcoin. His former business partner Jihan Wu is the first person to translate Satoshi’s Bitcoin whitepaper into Mandarin.

#1 Bitcoin whales – Satoshi Nakamoto

It’s no big surprise that the inventor of bitcoin is also the individual who, in all likelihood, holds most of the privately-owned bitcoins. Since he left the Bitcoin community in 2011, it has become quiet around him. “Satoshi” also seems to be just a pseudonym for the person. 

Privacy is very important to the inventor of Bitcoin. According to rumors, Satoshi owns own around 5% of all bitcoins in circulation. These correspond to a value in the high double-digit billions. This makes Satoshi Nakamoto the number 1 Bitcoin whale.

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Top 4 Bitcoin Whales – Big Institutions or Regular Individuals?  
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